12 Seconds in the Dark: John Mattingly Reveals What Happened in the Breonna Taylor Raid

The Myth of Net Neutrality

Is Net Neutrality, the theory that all users (websites and other content providers) should have equal access to traffic, in jeopardy? Is there a threat to free speech? In this article, ‘The Myth of Net Neutrality’ we’ll address the current state of ‘access’ and the pros and cons of government regulation of the internet through the FCC.

Keep an Eye on the Rear View Mirror

Keep an eye on your rear view mirror. The twin threats of inflation and domino defaults can harm even healthy economies like Texas.

It’s All About the Money

In this economy, money is more important than ever. As unemployment is at an all-time high and rapidly increasing, many of our visitors and members have admitted that someone’s income and assets are becoming higher on the priority list.

Globalization Of Taxation

The globalization of the worlds economy and the adverse affect it has had on tax revenue. How the free trade agreements are not working out as planned.

Ye of Little Faith

Bailouts make us all nervous, and for good reason. But the series of events over the last few months should give us pause. Our economy and system of governance is sound.

Drivers of a Nation’s Economy: GDP Demystified

Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, is defined as all final goods and services produced in an economy in a year, measured at market prices. Here, it is significant to note that this is a country-level exercise and only the production within a nation’s political boundaries is taken into account.

Genesis of the Subprime Crisis

Driven by climbing oil and food prices in the world markets in 2006, the inflation rates started climbing. At the same time, with the sliding of property prices on account of oversupply of built-up homes, the cost of the mortgage loans (most of which were adjustable rate loans) shot up for most borrowers. As a result, the loan to rental value ratio began increasing considerably.

UK Economic History And Its Influence On Property Market

To understand the financial situation in our country today we must get familiar with our history. According to many statistics, in 2008 England experienced her eighth recession since the Second World War.

Evidence From ME and Africa for a New Approach to Public Finance Management

For the last dozen years or so, the World Bank and donors that support its approach have dominated the public financial management reform agenda in developing countries. However, this approach has been subject to increasing criticism in recent years. Two important studies published earlier this year, one by the World Bank itself, provide further evidence that the dominant approach is not working, at least in Africa and the Middle East.

Can It Be Something More Than Sushi and Pizza?

Ever since the crisis has hit, I have noticed that media speaks a lot, perhaps too much about the decline of the Japanese economy. I find all this rather confused and deterrent. Treating an entire culture entirely from an economic perspective is not only disadvantageous, but a risky approach, especially when a large percentage of people do not ask themselves about the social explanation of the economic boom in Japan or simply some people sleep on one ear and blame a bad system.

USA Currency Reporting Requirements

If you are planning to enter US anytime soon from any port of entry, such as the Ambassador Bridge, Sault Ste, Detroit, Marie international bridge, Blue water bridge, Windsor tunnel, Ferry, etc then educating yourself on US currency report requirements are necessary. You must file a report with the US customs and border protection committee in case you attempt to transport an amount exceeding $10,000.00 from any foreign country to United States or from United States to any other country.

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