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Capitalism Should Always Be Capitalized in the Capital

Over the past weekend I’ve been reading a very famous popular book by Peter Drucker “Post-Capitalist Society,” which he had produced in 1993. Dr. Drucker is obviously a fan of capitalism, but he also approaches it from a free-market and academic displacement simultaneously.

2012 Argentina – Economics, Trade, and Politics

It’s very hard to have legitimate dialogue with foreign nations or engage in free-trade negotiations at a time when nations are busy seizing foreign assets and nationalizing oil wells, gas production, mines, and water filtration plants. Such huge capital outlays and direct foreign investment exist so that companies can turn a profit, otherwise they wouldn’t bother building up those industries abroad. When those assets are stolen or taken over by another government, the diplomacy discussions take a turn for the worst.

The Conscience Of A Restorationist, VIII

The United States, driven by the freedom guaranteed by our Constitutional republic, was once the model for quality education in the world. We led the free world in math, science, and the humanities. We were great because we were good, and we were successful because we were smart…

Enough Already – Carefully Placed Economic Propaganda Needs to Stop

It seems the economic political rhetoric is already heating up as the 2012 G8 Summit meeting in Chicago approaches. Yes, there are lots to talk about; the EU crisis, Nationalizing of company oil assets in Argentina, the War on Drugs, Iranian oil, REEs, and charges of Chinese currency manipulation. Okay so, let’s talk shall we?

Politics Versus Economic Reality: We Will All Lose

As the west struggles with high debt simple economics appear to be ignored however sooner or later economic reality musts apply. The question is will that happen before or after we are all broke?

Where to Find Super Cheap Speakers

Why buy laptop speakers? You will certainly consider buying laptop speakers, if you are confronted with any of these problems: Your laptop’s integrated speakers do not meet your listening experience. Your laptop speakers are not functioning and can’t be repaired. You want to enjoy music, movies and games but you can’t because of those built-in tweeters. You want to enjoy high quality sound on the go.

Sound Money Can Change Governments

Sound money should be the only acceptable means of payment or credit used during these insane times when all major countries are fighting to survive with “record setting” government debts. Governments must all revert back to a sound money system to regain fiscal control over their spending habits or face losing everything.

The Volcker Rule and What It Means for Buy Side Firms

You may be wondering: What is this volcker rule? Why are big banks so upset? How will it affect them? To understand the Dodd Frank law we must take a flashback to the financial meltdown of 2008-2009. Big banks had gone bananas, speculating with people’s money.

Inflation – Central Banks Control, The Cure!

Inflation is a serious problem that will affect any society over time. Serious monetary stresses are created that will affect the most basic of needs such as food for your family to eat, fuel for your car or medicine to keep you alive. Inflation makes the prices you pay increase on the exact same products or services you were buying or using before. Most people will realize these price increases as they reflect on what these items had cost them only 1-2 years ago. Why?

The Conscience Of A Restorationist, VII

America’s in the midst of a great ideological struggle – perhaps the most important such struggle since the Civil War. The very existence of America (at least as founded) is at stake. On one side are “progressive” statists, masters of divisive politics, who seek to centralize control over American life within a powerful authoritarian government. Their only opposition is found among those who seek to restore America to limited government and a free-market, opportunity-based society…

Taking a Look at Government Bonds or Gilts

Government bonds are essentially financial instruments which are sold by a government to other people/countries. This article takes a look at this ancient financial instrument and just how it can be used today…

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