A Georgia Town Required Everyone to Own a Gun. Here’s What Happened.

Economy Problems and Its Impact on Americans

This article will shine light on the unfair treatment of minorities in the United States and will also illustrate that the education system is just as corrupt as the government. The government has not done anything to provide more jobs for its citizens and the citizens are trapped with debt that they may never escape.

Trickle Up Vs. Trickle Down Capitalism

There was a time when some humans developed the notion that all humans are created equal and that it is unjust for some to amass huge amounts of wealth while others grind their butts out. This notion gave birth to the idea of communism.

The Bernanke Record: Positive, But Not Perfect

In crisis, Bernanke was the right man in the right place. The jury is out on his record during recovery.

States Compete for Innovation and Jobs

Perhaps you have noticed how state governments are courting large corporate entities to come into their states and set up shop. Retail businesses can usually find a deal to pay little or no sales tax for a decade or more to move in and bring jobs. Manufacturers can find their building fees waived and their building upgrades paid for. After all, a large manufacturer is also bringing jobs, lots of them. States know they need more people paying into the system – state income tax for instance and they know those employees will buy homes and pay property taxes, and buy cars and other items and pay sales tax.

The Latest Economic Views – But Which Outcome?

Every year there is a summit of the richest people in the world. The topics are centered around the monetary outcomes of current international and national policies. Perhaps you don’t feel rich enough to attend, but you cannot feel you do not play a part. Presented here is a discussion of this years meeting – the theme: “Income Inequality.” If you missed attending, don’t fail to read more about this important topic!

Lay Off Notices in January of 2014 Set the Stage for Job Growth

We are told that the United States should have a really good 2014 with regards to our economy, we are also told by those at the Davos World Economic Summit that the EU will have some growth, that China should have okay growth but slowing and that the emerging markets are liable to give back a good chunk of what they had garnered in resent past years. Yes, let’s talk, because there are many who are critical of these predictions.

Public Money: Avoiding Its Privatization

Unless money gets decentralized and stays fungible, the authority on public money steals an increasing part of its value by controlling its representation. This article introduces the reasons for that: it explains the advent of governments along with their central banks, then why only the decentralization and fungibility of money can consistently preserve the ownership of monetary value.

Study Reveals Shortfall of Language Competency in the UK

Discussing the lack of language competency in the UK as studies reveal the UK needs more people to speak the top ten languages for economic reasons. Research shows that less that 25% of the public can converse in another language.

Why It Pays (Literally) To Love Your Children

A strong work ethic and a significant improvement in education — without some asset accumulation like homeownership — cannot close the overall well-being (three-quarters that of Whites) gap for Black Americans. For example, no matter how hard Blacks work or how well educated they become, they cannot close the inequality gap unless they significantly improve their accumulated wealth — home equity, inheritance, savings, stock and other investments. It may also surprise you to find out that because young White families bought their first home, they were able to significantly provide assistance at a crucial stage that advanced…

The Future of Globalisation Is at Risk!

The cover of the 27 July 2006 issue of The Economist magazine showed a large shipwreck stranded on the sand with the caption, The Future of Globalisation, and its lead article referred to the failure among members of the World Trade Organization to reach conclusion on the Doha Development Round that began in November 2001. What The Economist lead article says “When the Middle East is ablaze, oil prices near record highs, the American economy cooling and the climate warming, it is hard to get excited about the beaching of trade talks. After…

Tinkling Around Democrat Economic Policies VS Trickle Down Strategies – There’s No Difference Really

Many folks continually criticize the GOP for what they call Trickle Down Economics or Reaganomics, still, as bitter and persnickety as these folks get, perhaps they miss the point. You see, if you give money in social programs the businesses and corporations get the money anyway within a few transactions and the poor are left with their hand out for another free fish the next day, still poor.

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