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The Evolution of Paper Money

Commodity money came about due to the problem of coincidence of wants. With an almost universal use of paper money as a means of trade, is it possible to be replaced by electronic or plastic money? Some say no because money, be it commodity or paper currency needs to be tangible as it is to be traded also for a product that is tangible.

Careers That Will Stay In-Demand in the Next Years

There are some careers that will never go out of style. These jobs are actually meant to help a certain town, city, or even community alive and raring to go.

The Credit Crunch – The Peanut Gallery is Watching & Waiting

One of the most read, recent articles in the business section of UK newspaper, The Guardian, is by Will Hutton. In his piece, entitled, “Now we know the truth. The financial meltdown wasn’t a mistake – it was a con,” the writer gets down to business and baldly accuses banks of not mis-management, but fraud.

The Goldman Sachs Fiasco

Bloomberg reports that after a brutal grilling by the US congressional committee on allegations of fraud, the investment bank seemed to walk away with an increased market value of over $500m! Talk about the adage of “there’s no such thing as bad press.”

US Economic Engine Splutters

The last quarter of 2009 was a good quarter for the US economy, which showed positive growth for the first time after several consecutive quarters of negative growth. But, the US economy’s engine seems to have run out of steam in October, when growth seems to have missed the expectations mark.

Foreclosure Rescue Fraud Crackdown

Foreclosures and short sales continue to dominate the nation’s real estate market. Foreclosure rescue companies are defrauding homeowners in foreclosure in high numbers. In attempts to deter mortgage fraudsters and assist distressed homeowners in danger of default or foreclosure, states throughout the nation are beginning to pass various legislation to prevent foreclosure rescue scams.

The Dollar’s Future – Where is the Dollar Headed?

The US dollar, which has served as a world reserve currency for nearly 38 years appears to be in jeopardy as far as its status of a reserve currency goes. The world seems not to blindly trust the US dollar any longer for this purpose as its intrinsic value seems to be under challenge.

The Gravity Would Change But The Global Financial Order Not!

The Global financial system is so much inclined in the ways people think that it has become the untouchable constant function of perception of life so anything else suggested is considered heretic or even farther totally impossible and generally insane. The “Status quo” principles are: individual countries and global monetary quantities are directly connected to economic growth of a country’s economy; the ways capital could be…

Asia Pacific Consumers Ready to Spend Their Way Out of Recession

A recent Nielsen survey portrays that Asia Pacific consumers are ready to spend their way out of recession. Renewed willingness to spend as 2010 progresses is found in China, Brazil, India, Singapore and Hong Kong. Stock market investments and increased savings are a result of consumers being more confident in the market, including spending on luxury items such as vacations, clothes and entertainment.

America Leads the Way For Education For Oil and Gas Jobs

The oil and gas industry proved its mettle during the recent global economic downturn. Rather than opting to streamline its workforce, the industry adopted a policy of freezing wages in order to retain those in oil and gas jobs.

Shopping Malls – The Pain Continues

Like a migraine that never seems to go away, the economic troubles at shopping malls continues to wreak havoc with investors all across the U.S., but especially in western states like California. Particularly hard hit are facilities in newly developed communities or neighborhoods where real estate investors sought to serve what, at the time were considered huge influxes of new residents.

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