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Obama, in Buffalo, is Optimistic on the Economy

BUFFALO – President Obama defended his economic policies on Thursday, declaring that undoubtedly job growth would continue and that his recovery package had walked away from the “economic free fall” he confronted when he took office 16 months ago. “We can say beyond a shadow of a doubt today we are heading in the right direction,” Mr. Obama told a crowd of around 250 people during a trip to this economically depressed city. “All those tough steps we took are working, despite all the naysayers who were predicting failure a year ago”

Who Pays What In Taxes? Remove All Doubt, See Irrefutable IRS Data

For those willing to face facts, thus abandoning class warfare tactics and spin, the IRS data below clearly proves, the richest Americans’ final “net tax” payment, is extremely high. Not just extremely high but proportionately, much higher, than all others, in brackets below them. That ratio has been climbing dramatically for 30 years.

How the Federal Reserve Policy Can Affect Your Penny Stocks Shares

Will the Fed raise rates, or will we see free money for another year or more. What is your opinion on the next move for the Federal Reserve?

Retirement – Realistic Or Outdated?

The Idea of Retirement was a trick to deceive people and as it happened, it was in America that the idea of retirement was born. The idea of retirement was invented after WWII to keep the Silent Generation working away in the factories, warehouses, steel mills, and automobile plants. The promise was basically this: Work hard now, save your pennies, and retire in Florida.

How to Fix Public Utilities in Africa

Any person travelling to most parts of Africa will notice the level of infrastructural decay in the continent. From roads to electricity, public water system to waste disposal system, the continent continues to struggle to join the league of modern world by not providing necessary services to its citizens. During the time of Africa’s greatest generation, the legends of our 1960s that liberated us from colonization, we saw a continent on the path of continuous progress.

Keeping Up to Date With The Current Economy in 3 Easy Steps

There are several ways to keep up to speed with the economy. I will share with you some of the ways that I get the latest and most reliable information on the real economy that is taking place at the moment.

A Quick Overview of Our Economy

We’ve all seen on the news how the economy is suffering. With the accessibility of credit cards and the increased convenience of banking, many people are making use of the economy without actually understanding what it’s all about.

How Does Greece Affect the United States?

This is an excellent question and one that I have heard all week. Greece is almost half way around the world…it is a relatively small economy…comparatively speaking we don’t trade much with Greece…Isn’t it Greece’s problem?

Government Stimulus Package Money to Boost the Economy

The global economy, having gone through a rock-bottom phase, is slowly rising and there are boosters from all quarters of the world (at the zone state, country level), to give the necessary impetus for recovery, and subsequently a full-swing activity. Such is the stimulus package money rewarded by the government to individuals and businesses alike, to give the economy a push-up from bottom.

UK Tourism is Getting Wings Now

According to a research done by Visit Britain, The tourism sector of UK is going to be one of best performing sector in the upcoming years. It is estimated that tourism sector is going to contribute 3.5% per annum to the economy.

Michigan Fireworks Laws – Democrats Light the Fuse For Small Fireworks Companies, KaBoom You’re Gone

Many hours, with many tax payers dollars burned in Lansing’s capitol as democrats work to purpose a new fireworks bill to lawmakers that will surely help Michigan when it approaches Washington for more unemployment benefits. Democratic law makers seem to have no regard to existing small fireworks business owners operating in the state of Michigan.

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