Anthony Fauci’s Failures Have Kept Him in Power

Will Quantitative Easing Really Work?

With all the talks about bailouts, CDO, lending programs and many other made up technical terms by the federal reserve that have simply not worked. Why is their new kid on the block termed “quantitative easing” and will it also fail to save the economy from further recovery?

Asian Economic Recovery in Global Economic Crisis

The global economic crisis in 2008 has made a great damage to all the nations. Many big companies have thus got bankruptcy because of the hit of this serious crisis and no country has got exception. But Asia has also got economic growth in this crisis. There in this article you can get some information.

Is Government Intervention Helpful Or Harmful

Do you think that allowing the market to be flooded with foreclosed homes is a good thing or not. That is the debate that has been taking place well over 2 yrs now.

The Economic Mess Which Labour DID NOT Leave Britain In

Contrary to the opinion of many people in the United Kingdom, Britain’s financial situation is not the fault of the Labour Party. This article tries to put this point across because the argument are not stated enough.

Prepare for Economic Collapse Without Gold

Financial advisors are recommending that everyone should have a certain amount of gold and silver. But what if the government does another precious metals grab and makes ownership of those metals illegal? How can one protect the family in the event of economic collapse or a national disaster?

Prepare Well Before The Economic And Financial Storm Comes With Possible Further Recession

There is a massive storm coming. Listening to the news and observing what is happening in Government circles, it would appear to be a highly serious economic and financial storm with related social problems and difficulties. What are we to do? What can we do if this becomes a recession or even a depression? Sort out the issues you have to sort out now, and be read to help others who may not be so well prepared. But how might we do that? As a Christian I have been reading of the disciples of Jesus Christ going out onto the Lake of Galilee and suddenly they are in the middle of a fierce storm. Now, these men were experienced fishermen from that very area and they knew all about storms on the lake. Having been there while a fierce storm was raging I am in position to sense just how dangerous it was at that midnight hour.

Leadership Will Play A Crucial Role As We Face Economic And Financial Storms And Further Terrorism

Economic and financial storms cause such pain and suffering and even loss of life. We are on the brink of what could be one of the severest financial storms for years. Governments have been irresponsibly taking on far more debt than can be reasonably repaid! How were these men ever elected to office? Many years ago while at school our English teacher warned us about the dangers of debt, and of course Almighty God has much to say about debt and we have stupidly and foolishly ignored the guidance given in the Word of God. It may be more than simply economic and financial. We may see further hellish and demonic explosions of terrorism, and we need to call them for what they are and not use politically correct wording.

Want to Know If Your Relative Can Purchase Your Home in a Short Sale?

When you are behind on your mortgage payments any kind of relief can be something beneficial to you and your family. A short sale is a great way to avoid a foreclosure sale of your home.

Our National Debt: Now, That’s Scary

I’ve been hearing a radio ad that’s right on the money – literally. It depicts a little kid coming to the door for “trick-or-treat,” dressed not as a vampire or a ghost, but as – that’s right – the national debt.

The Numbers Behind the Headlines – Employment, Unemployment and What It All Means

There are a number of misleading statistics currently being bandied around at the moment regarding the state of the jobs market in the United Kingdom. Some commentators who are trying to be positive point to the massive jobs growth that has occurred since the start of the year, whilst the more bearish tend to point to the fact that total unemployment has continued to increase in 2010 and that the majority of the new jobs that have been created are either temporary or part-time.

What If QE2 Is Just A Bluff?

The financial markets are all agog about the coming additional round of quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve Bank. Well, what if the next round, known as “QE2” is actually a bluff of sort by Chairman Bernanke?

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