Are College Students Pro-Taliban?

The US Dollar Bill Just Won’t Go Away

Why is it that we cannot seem to accept a dollar coin in America. The time has come to get rid of paper dollars and save the taxpayers billions of dollars.

Socialism Isn’t Sustainable Or Scalable

Sometimes I wonder if I am going to be able to keep myself from laughing every time I hear the word sustainable. The reason is simple, each time I hear this word I think to myself that someone is trying to convince me of something, and all too often if you listen to what they say, and follow the actions and logic of their argument you will note that what they are calling sustainable is anything but. If we look at the laws of physics and entropy we know that nothing is truly sustainable, and therefore the word itself is an oxymoron perhaps.

Manipulation of Free-Market Economics Will Not Solve China’s Long-Term Challenges

China has been said to be the economic miracle of the 21st century, but alas this century has just begun, and most of its solid gains had come before the millennium not after. What we’ve seen after is an attempt to run redline with 7-10% year-over-year GDP growth, something that is “unsustainable” and not only from a purely mathematical standpoint, but even in the current decade, it’s not plausible.

Detroit – A Start of America’s Decline?

Detroit’s recent bankruptcy filing should be a wake up call for the federal government. The United States government should look at its policies and address them now so the federal government does not follow in Detroit’s foot paths.

Censorship of Economic Data Is Problematic – Regardless of Where It Occurs

As a think tanker, I’ve always been fascinated with the rise and fall of economic affairs, along with all the case studies in recent history. One thing I have learned is that socialism doesn’t work, and as soon as the people can vote for free stuff under the auspice of democracy, they continue to vote for redistribution of wealth until they pillage and bankrupt the nation’s treasury. While all of this is happening, no politician wants to be the one to say no, and they work very hard to hide the economic data of the time in order to promote their agenda.

Job Creating By Government – It Ain’t Going To Happen

Many people believe that the government can create jobs, but I would submit to you that every job they create actually kills jobs in the private sector. How can I say this you ask? Well, perhaps you have fallen for the same line of reasoning that politicians have been stating in trying to get elected and re-elected. They stand up at the podium, and promised that they will create jobs. Well, it is true that government can create jobs – they can hire people – and spend taxpayers’ money.

Veterans Are Struggling More Than Ever To Find Jobs

Making the transition from being a soldier to a civilian can be difficult. This is especially true when it comes to finding suitable employment. For those soldiers who have ended their terms in the military, it can be very difficult to find work, in this present job market.

Why Some Believe Bush Is Still The One To Blame

While President George W. Bush has been out of office for over four years now, it appears that Americans have still not forgotten how his term affected the economy. In a recent poll, more than two thirds of American citizens still blame Bush for how the American economy is today.

Richest Middle Class In The World Is Not In The United States

We have been fed a lie for quite a long time that America is home to the richest middle class in the world. This is more than just a fib; it is an outright lie, as we are clearly ranked #27 in the world! How did we drop so low or have we always been there?

Why Working For Someone Else Is Not Still Part Of The American Dream

Some would say the American Dream is dead or dying, while others would claim that it is alive and well. Many still work to pursue the American Dream and find that they are not achieving their dreams as quickly as they would have liked to. Still others are barely making ends meet, working nine-to-five jobs that are not paying the bills and certainly are not affording them the ability for vacations and the fun in life.

Why Are So Many Going Straight From College and Into the Unemployment Line?

As more and more young people are graduating from college and looking towards their futures, a lot of them are finding that there are very few career opportunities to be found. Many would say these people are still young and can tough it out at a fast food restaurant or can bag groceries at their local market. What they do not realize is that even these low-income jobs are already filled, leaving no place for those who just got their degree.

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