Asking New Yorkers if the Ukraine War Changed Their Opinion on Guns

Nice GDP #, Yikes!

Well the GDP revision #’s came in this morning and wow! 1.6%, how pathetic. (“Anemic” if you want to be PC). 2 years of recovery and a gazillion dollars in stimulus and this is the best we can do?

New Inflation – How Today’s Economic Indicators Can Affect the Value of Your Money Tomorrow

There seems to be very few people in the world today who are not suffering from the devastating effects of our current global economic crisis. Prices keep going up, along with unemployment rates, foreclosures and growing poverty numbers.

Inflation History – What It Can Teach Us About Protecting Our Money Today

I don’t think there’s ever been a time in history where more of the world’s population has experienced an economic crisis of the magnitude we are now. Because the problems seem so vast and beyond our control, many chose to just go on with business-as-usual as opposed to digging deep enough to find out what’s going on. With a brief lesson in inflation history, I will introduce a few topics that you may want to continue to learn about.

US Taxpayer Doesn’t Owe Interest on Money Created for Distribution to China’s Currency Manipulation

Do you recall how the Secretary of Treasury previously enjoyed having a weak dollar, as it would assist the US in global exports, trade flows, and provide manufacturing jobs and a strong industrial base? Remember how the Nixon Administration thought that was a really smart play? Well, it looks like that surely bit us in the butt.

Solution to the Money Problem

Money is a tool we use to represent things of value, to purchase and sell. Its value is only recognised by the accepted faith, the people have on money – without this, it is worthless. Money therefore has no real value. What man is physically able to produce, grow, build, and invent, must not be limited by lack of money but rather by the lack of resources. Trade need not be restricted by lack of money.

Financial Crisis in the US – What Are Your Options?

Are you worried about the financial crisis in the US? You should be. It is here and you need to take action to stay safe or you may just get washed away with what is coming our way.

It’s the Economy, Stupid

Bill Clinton’s aide memoir for his supports in the 1992 US Presidential election has become a snowclone in modern language. Everyday life in industialised coutries is dominated by the economy and its health is a preoccupation of politicians and voters alike. But there is a dark side to the economy, an historical error that threatens to undo all the good that has come out of economic growth.

Economic Collapse – Final Warning (Part 1)

Yes we are heading for a depression 2.0. Here are some simple ways you can protect your family well before the storm arrives.

Bad Loans on the Books of Bad Behaving Banks – Liquidity Questions Arise

Many in the banking sector and analysts which follow it are watching the challenges in the US, and whereas, things are a lot better here than in other places in the world, we are not home free yet either. As we review the FED minutes, economic data, and watch our trading partners, allies, and other aligned nations work through their difficulties, we are reminded how inter-connected we all are on the global level. But we must focus on ourselves first and foremost, we need honesty, integrity, and we need our banks to be boring once again.

Inflation? Deflation? Stagnation?

In the current recession, things are so bad at this time that inflation is of almost no concern. Deflation is becoming more and more a possibility, but we aren’t there yet. So what may be left is stagnation which could last for years, and feel very much like recession whether we are coming out of it or not.

Economic Concepts – Government Intervention – At What Price?

What is the real cost of Government Intervention in the economy? Are we really willing to pay it?

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