Asking Russian Americans Their Thoughts the Russia-Ukraine War

How Can Anyone Trust Economic Reports From the Government Prior to an Election?

Not long ago, I was talking to an acquaintance of mine about the challenges and problems with the economic data coming out of the government. There seems to be two critical issues with this; one, is the fact that often the data is derived before all the data is in; and two, often the data is manipulated purposefully for political reasons. The first can be forgiven, to a point, except that it happens so often it can no longer be excusable.

Oconee County, GA Businesses

Oconee County business may be suffering as a result of the economic recession that we are going through right now. But you’ve got to give the Oconee County Chamber of Commerce credit for taking positive control over the situation.

Asian (Con)Fusion – US Fiscal and Monetary Policy At Work

As the “Greatest Deleveraging in the History of the World,” continues along a bumpy road, with the bumps created by well-meaning political leaders, one must sit back and ask what we can learn from the past in order to better understand the present. I would relate current US fiscal and monetary policy to a form of Asian (Con)Fusion, which is leading to what I would call bi-modal financial markets.

A Race To The Bottom

Just about every major developed nation is struggling to continue its growth. Countries in Europe are struggling even more so now with all the austerity measures they have implemented to reduce their debt, Japan hasn’t whiffed a scent of growth for two decades now, and the U.S. is barely growing AND that is with all the unprecedented “stimulus” that has been provided by the U.S. government and Federal Reserve.

Inflation – The Despised Antidote

We’re actually headed in the direction of deflation, as the current below average inflation rate of 1.15% attests, because with a depressed economy and devastating unemployment the system has too little money, not too much: people aren’t spending. The Federal Reserve has started to take notice too, and it is considering taking measures to combat this trend.

Going After ‘Idle Iron’

If you can’t keep people employed digging holes, pay them to fill the holes they have already dug. That seems to be at least part of the logic behind a new mandate from Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

Poverty Doesn’t Equate to Poor

Why do most people use poverty and poor synonymously? These two words have very different meanings and will require some social engineering in order to get people to use these words in the right context.

Keeping the Jamaican Vibe Alive

Jamaicans are the ones keeping jerk vendors like Victor ‘Brown Man’ Grigg’s afloat along the Hip Strip in Montego Bay in the absence of visitors who are few in numbers since the closure of several resorts along the area. Busily preparing his chicken and festivals for his nightly customers Brown Man as his customers call him, took an opportunity to explain how he has had to marshal the support of Jamaicans in order to remain economically viable during this period…

Boosting Jamaica’s Tourism Through Shopping

Luxury shopping at it best can be found in Montego Bay at the billion-dollar Whitter Village which has helped to cement the resort town’s crown as Jamaica’s tourism mecca. Montego Bay is not intent on being seen only as the tourism mecca but is securing its position as the ideal place to do business with the inclusion of the billion-dollar multifaceted shopping complex along the Rose Hall main road.

10 Steps to Economic and Educational Success – Facing Reality Versus the Fairness Myth

Here’s what the country faces: The confusion of do gooding and fairness with achievement and success. What ails the US economy and its education system is the constant desire to rationalize the idea of equal outcome. By the nature of being human, you will always have a pecking order. Some will succeed more than others.

Silver Mining: The Lure of South Australia

Australia is mineral-rich country. It is one of the major exporters of silver to the world market. During British colonization, silver mining was the main attraction of South Australia, making it one of the most populated regions in the subcontinent.

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