Attack on Christmas Parade – Why Did He Do It?

Tackling Food Security, Economic Development, and Neighborhood Vitality in One Fell Swoop

City governments and the people who elect them are in a unique position to tackle three pressing nation-wide issues simultaneously. By revising or rewriting local land-use policies, local governments have the power to improve (decrease) food hardship, increase job opportunities, and improve neighborhood vitality simply by encouraging urban agriculture as a use and an economic development engine.

Outsourcing Industry News Weekly Recap

All week long, the world stood in awe as the movement “Occupy Wall Street” grew in number and stirred the consciousness of people from all walks of life all over the globe. This led to similar movements in Asia, Europe, Canada and the United States.

Applying for a Job at Minov

Applying for a job is just 1 step. You have to be prepared to do more things when you’re finally selected for an appointment.

How Economic Conditions Affect Educational Needs

About 10 years ago when the economy was booming all of the companies and employees were very happy. They were satisfied with their work conditions, salaries, and profit margins. The real estate industry was doing well, foreign trade was great, and there was a money surplus in the United States.

Time To Plan For State Bankruptcies

A state bankruptcy is so unthinkable that the law makes no provision for it. It’s time for Congress to re-think this.

Have A Negative View Of Capitalism? You Are Not Alone, But Let Me Change Your Mind

Not long ago, an acquaintance mentioned that he had a somewhat negative view of capitalism and perhaps he admits his viewpoint had inadvertently become tainted after his experiences. Okay so, this is pretty common actually, and I can remember some of the occupy protestors here in the US saying the same thing as my overseas acquaintance across the pond, in fact, recall watching many of the protestors interviewed on TV cursing capitalism, but I thought to myself; “hey, that’s not really fair,” as they were cursing those who had turned their backs on capitalism and tried to milk the system.

Free-Market Economics Is Shouted Down By Those Who Offer No Real Solutions for Job Growth

Indeed, I never thought I’d actually see a day in the United States of America where the masses would so embrace communism and socialist ideals on issues of economics. Why you ask? Simple, because this nation has in a mere 200 years surpassed all the others thanks to free-market capitalism and economic choice. I am quite happy to live in this great nation and participate under such a wonderful set of freedoms and liberties.

Guernsey’s Monetary Solution to the Global Debt Crisis

At the beginning of the 19th Century, Guernsey, a small island situated in the English Channel found itself in the same situation as many countries today; with a decaying infrastructure and reduced to a state of poverty due to a lack of money. Yet from 1820 to 1836 it was able to pay off its debts and achieve a level of prosperity that became the envy of the world.

Free Market Capitalism Is a Concept, One We’d Be Wise to Practice

There is a big joke amongst economists when it comes to “free market capitalism” theory, in that no one has ever seen it, as free-market capitalism in its purest form isn’t practiced anywhere to my knowledge, nowhere on Earth that is, well unless some undiscovered Amazon Tribe is doing it, and who knows maybe they are? Of course, I won’t hold my breath and try to swim across that river.

What Is The Difference Between Free-Market Capitalism and Crony Capitalism

The other day an acquaintance mentioned that he believed capitalism was a good socio-economic model, but also felt as if it was too easily abused by greedy entrepreneurs and industrial capitalists the way it is currently practiced and therefore didn’t make sense as it tended to push people down. Well, I understand where these thoughts are coming from, mostly from socialist propaganda, but the reality is that just isn’t the case. When he speaks of “how capitalism is practiced currently” well, he is looking at crony capitalism, certainly not free-market capitalism theory.

Economics and Misunderstanding of a Separate Federal Reserve Bank

It seems these days that there is just far too much misunderstanding when it comes to capitalism and economics in our great nation. Further most folks in America don’t understand why we need a Federal Reserve that is separate from the Federal Government, nevertheless, let me take you through some of my thoughts on these issues, so at least you can hear the other side of the argument.

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