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Loonie Races Ahead – The Canadian Economy’s Economic Health

If the currency of a nation is like its stock and represents the health of its economy, the Canadian dollar also called the Loonie seems to be the best example as it raced ahead of its southern counterpart’s currency. The Loonie’s rise to beyond parity, early this week, with the US dollar is being touted as a representation of the Canadian economy’s economic health vis-a-vis the G7 economies.

All is Free – A Myth

My phone was at it again. My friends are now raving about my corporate dining privilege card. They have reasons to feel so, they eat free. It could be embarrassing to go corporate dining. You are never sure, what is to pay and what is free.

The Recession – How America Survived One of It’s Biggest Challenges

I’m a big believer in Signs. A sign sometimes can be a mysterious warning, that appears to a person. And in some cases, it can be a premonition, in which case the person just feels that a certain situation is about to befall a person or generation.

Economic Summit in Russia 2010 Recap

In 2009 the Russian Economic Summit was a chance for many nations including the BRIC Nations; Brazil-Russia-India-China to give their disapproval of the Global Economic Crisis, and they like most blamed the United States of America. The 2010 Russian Economic Summit was a totally different scene, rather than complaining or pointing fingers, it was all about the future, growth, and strength of the economic recovery.

Dollars and Nonsense

How can it cost two cents for the materials to make one penny?…Or nearly a dime to produce one nickel? What sort of “money” is being used to pay for the raw materials?

Economic Schizophrenia – The US Economy on a Growth Path

Economic Schizophrenia or a bipolar condition is what the new report by the UCLA Anderson School of Management terms as the state of the US economy. The first quarterly report by the School suggests that while the US economy seems to be settled on a growth path, job creation is going to continue to be a problem.

G20 Economic Summit Comes to Toronto

The weekend of June 26 will see Toronto host another one of these economic summit circuses. Well in advance, the battle lines have been drawn.

Talk of Double-Dip No Longer Crazy?

Just a month or two ago opinions that the serious recession that ended in the last quarter of last year, will return in a double-dip later this year were blown off as crazy. However, such opinions are now gathering credibility as prominent names join the chorus of worriers. I’m not talking about perma-bears, those grizzlies who have been calling for an economic Armageddon continuously since the market top in 2000.

INR Appreciation and the Road Ahead

The Indian Rupee has evolved to great acceptance Worldwide since its inception by Sher Shah Suri in the 16th century in the form of copper coins when 40 copper coins were said to constitute Re 1. The period of relevance in its history is the 20th century.

The Restless Winds of Change – Are They Blowing Away Opportunities For Google?

Technology has always been an ever changing environment. Yahoo came, and it pretty much dominated, then Google came, and it did likewise, now Twitter and Facebook are here. Are we witnessing the changing of the guard in the news industry?

The Canadian Economy and Real Estate

The Canadian economy seems to be the outlier in the world’s markets, it has experienced consistent growth and is expected to fully recover from the recession this year. However, the national real estate market is expected to cool down. What will this mean for Vancouver real estate?

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