Australia Detains Tennis Star Novak Djokovic Over Vaccination Status

How to Drive Up Demand in America

American Businesses must return back to its roots. To save American jobs, create American jobs and save the economy we have to centralize back here in the USA.

Fall Of Crude Prices

The prices on oil have again sunk low in October 2011 as a reflection of the unresolved economic crisis in Europe. The riots and strikes in Greece are still going on. The credit ratings of Italy are downgraded.

Slowdown: Financial Turmoil Fuels Industry Uncertainty

Senior chemical industry executives acknowledge that growth has decelerated since mid-year. “It is true that growth has come down a little bit, but the first half was very good,” says Kurt Bock, chairman of BASF. “For the time being, we are doing well. We are not downgrading our guidelines. Exports of goods from China are down a little but this is positive because it will avoid inflation.”

The Economics and The President – The True Role of the President in the Economy

We hear a lot of politicians arguing about the economy, of course none of them happen to be economists do they? In periods of economic strife such things are ever present in the minds of the American People, so it’s no wonder that people demand of politicians running for office or in office to tell them what they are going to do to fix the economy. The reality is that politicians cannot fix the economy, and generally they are the ones who mess it up in the first place.

Even In Small Bites, Spending Is Hard To Swallow

I’m a nice guy, right? And I really hate to be critical. Really, I do. But I find myself needing to level some biting criticism at what the U.S. administration is cooking up these days…

Occupy Your Life: Some Ways to Win in a New Day

This article explores the question what to do when we win the “occupy wall street” movement. The ball will be in our court, with boundless opportunities we will not want to waste. Several areas of action are listed–relationship skills, protecting personal energy, honoring group energy, monitoring speech and actions, and how good health on terms we can control is a must.

Class Warfare and Occupy Wall Street?

We are in a dangerous period in America. The pitiful state of the economy has exposed a volatile split in the way people view the current state of our nation. This split is now being exploited and inflamed by politicians who believe they can somehow benefit from the anger and protests.

The New Economy Problem: Deficit of Innovation

America was conceived, constructed, and built on the shoulders of great innovators. Who, or more importantly, will there be any more great American innovators like Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, or even the great apple guru Steve Jobs? What we have is a new economic problem which is a deficit of innovation and new thinking.

How Fast Will You Go Bankrupt? Why Occupy Wall Street?

The stage is set. The actors are now in place. The show is about to begin. This show is titled “How fast will the uneducated and unprepared go bankrupt?”

Weathering the Recession With a Nice Glass of Red

Everyone has their vices and coping mechanisms when times are tough. However, with new emerging markets what is a secure investment?

Economic Collapse Survival – What Are You Going to Do?

Is economic collapse imminent? In this article we discover what economic collapse survival will look like. We’ll take a look at what you can to do to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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