Australia Has Completely Lost Its Mind

A Purge of Working Class Families? The Hard Truth Behind Rising House Prices

Thousands of people are being needlessly forced out of their communities, exiled from their homes and pushed away from friends and family, all due to a government policy that is entrenching class division. Just as Thatcher promoted with her highly controversial right to buy scheme, this Conservative government is once again stimulating house prices to mimic the symptoms of an economic recovery – when in actual fact, they are intentionally condemning thousands of poor families to ghettos of poverty and crime. If you’re a part of the suburban and property owning middle class, you will probably welcome the constant inflation…

Africa – Raped, Exploited and Abandoned

A deeper look at the long term effect of the colonization of many, if not most, African regions and countries since the 1600’s reveals the horrific treatment of the native peoples and tribes, and the very negative effect on their economies. And it covers the exclusion in terms of the Global Economy, the majority of the rural people in Africa do not have the technological knowledge nor the necessary infrastructure within which to take part in the Global Economy.

5 Reasons Graduates Should Be Talking About Online Jobs

The problem of graduate unemployment has bedeviled many a nation for decades, and has caused increasing dissatisfaction among youths who should be vibrant propellers of national development. In recent times, offline jobs have steadily declined in inverse proportion to advancements in communication technology. However, this trend should be seen as a blessing rather than a curse.

US Dollar Stability – For How Long?

America’s trade and budget deficits have led to large amounts of borrowing such that many countries, in particular Asian ones, hold trillions of dollars of US debt. Over the last twelve months they have seen the value of that debt slowly decline as other economies have emerged from the recession in a stronger position than the US. A continued decline in the dollar’s value is likely to lead some of the holders of US debt to consider selling and, as a result, further undermine US dollar stability.

Greek Unemployment Soars

The gulf between the strong and weak members of the EU was today emphasized by figures that show the parlous state of the Greek economy. Janet Yellen is concerned about hardcore unemployment in the US where the unemployment rate hovers around 6.5% whilst the Greek unemployment rate has just been announced as a record 28% overall, with two thirds of young people without a job.

Socialism Is Great, The US National Socialist Committee Stated

As a free market capitalist, namely from an entrepreneurial standpoint, I know the value and synergies gained by this great socio-economic strategy, and I believe it far surpasses anything else, including socialism. But that’s not what the socialists say, and not only do they beg to differ, but they’ll shout you down if you state otherwise. Yes, let’s discuss this very controversial topic shall we?

Africa’s Income Inequalities and the Reality of A Few Big Men

There is no shortage of economic growth on the African continent. In fact statistics reveal that six of the world’s ten fastest growing economies of the last decade are in Africa. Emerging from the Global Financial Crisis relatively unscathed, African economies especially those in sub-Saharan Africa have continued to make positive strides towards growth and development. Yet paradoxically, more people live in absolute poverty here in Africa than anywhere else in the world. This shows the extent to which income inequalities have become more pronounced over the years. This commentary article looks at the rising income gap between the continents rich and poor. Evidence shows the emergence of an elite politically connected wealthy few, and a significant portion of the population still living in squalor. The article shows that this is not sustainable and that true economic growth must be inclusive of everyone, and not just be a preserve of a select few. If Africa is to grow sustainably therefore, the gap between the rich and the poor has to be lessened and this article shows why that must be.

Living Wages – And the Middle Class

Instead of focusing on the minimum wage, we should focus on living wages and the Middle Class. Maybe even have larger firms reimburse the treasury for Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc. that we must provide their underpaid employees, while they garner record profits.

The Purpose of Government: More Evidence Against Postmodernism

Here is a quote from Milton Friedman in a speech (1997?) regarding Hong Kong: “Once a tiny, poor colonial backwater of only 600,000 people and few assets, Hong Kong’s average per capita income was about one-quarter of the average income in Great Britain and 60 percent of Israel’s. The historical accident that assigned a disciple of Adam Smith to be governor of Hong Kong set the tiny colony on a different path.

American IRS Brand: Can It Win Back The Trust?

All of a sudden the Internal Revenue Service commonly known as the IRS has hit the headlines and is in news for the past few weeks for all wrong reasons. It is a known fact that nobody likes a taxman, and as a brand, IRS was never considered as a darling by most of the Americans but, still it was not highlighted for its inconsistent policies.

The Forgettable Crash of 1966

Some market crashes are painful memories. Others have been happily forgettable.

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