Ben Shapiro Breaks Down Biden’s BIGGEST Foreign Policy Failures

Long Overdue Game Changer – Learn The Black Box Investment Strategies Of The Rich

Are you still living the “American Dream”? Did you ever live that dream in the first place or was it all washed away before it really got started? More Americans are feeling the struggle in the economic time but their is a brighter side to the madness if you only knew.

The US Is the Greatest Debtor Nation on the Planet

The biggest transfer of wealth in modern history is about to take place. Are you in a position to prosper or will you be a part of the population that is on the wrong side of the transfer? How long will this recession last? Is there a glimmer of hope on the horizon that the Unites States will survive as we know it?

Spin and Class Warfare Failed This Time: There Were No Tax Cuts – Just Tax Rate Extensions

The blatant and incessant dominant spin of the last 30 years “tax cuts for the rich” has likely been exposed to a greater degree and to millions more voters than ever before. Democrats probably will lose more and more ground from this attack on our most most productive citizens and job creators. Hopefully some in the Mainstream Media will take some courses where Real World Economics are taught, instead of the redistributionist, advocacy, taught in most of our universities, especially in Ivy League institutions.

What Will 2011 Bring?

We are 2+ years into an awful economy. We have the financial community to thank for the mess they created and we have ourselves to blame for overspending our means. No need to rehash the awfulness of the fall of 2008 that created this current malaise.

Coin Machinery

This article aims to highlight the importance of coins, dating its importance in the earliest history up to the contemporary times. These days people normally live with credits and paper money, yet coinage was never yet an obsolete means of transaction. The most important source of transaction within coinage system is the machines that relies heavily on them.

Eight Probable Economic Trends in 2011

The year 2011 is one of immense economic and social change, as the shift in economic power continues to move east. A new Chinese, Indian, and Russian trade zone are only one of the eight probable economic trends for 2011?

Kabul Bank: How Afghanistan’s Future was Jeopardized

The Afghan government has single handedly jeopardized the future of its country by knowingly allowing the country’s corrupt elites to push Kabul Bank to the brink of failure, undermining the entire financial system and the withering trust of its citizens. Worse yet, there are no signs of contrition or real willingness to change a course that could easily lead to not only a failed bank, but to a failed state, civil war and bloodshed.

What a Renewed Global Food Crisis Could Mean for the Egyptian Wheat Market

The world may or may not be headed for another food crisis, but the Egyptian wheat market has already begun to feel the effects of rising commodity prices. In order to avert another round of food shortages (and the domestic turmoil they entail), Egypt would be well served to re-examine its wheat subsidy program.

How to Make Money in This Economy

There are very few people who have not been affected by recent events in the economy. Many have lost their jobs and even their homes. Others are just trying to make ends meet and pay their bills on time. Who isn’t looking for ways on how to make money in this economy? Continue reading for some simple ideas.

Blockbuster Vs Netflix – Is This Even a Fair Fight Anymore?

Blockbuster came on the scene and quickly took over the video rental market. When Netflix was born they seemed a mere nuisance to Blockbuster, but proved to be something far more.

Economy Affects Affordable Housing Budgets

Across the country, cities, counties and states are struggling to close budget gaps – some of which are significant. Most often we hear about extreme cases like California, which had to find over $19 billion in either spending cuts or additional revenue for its most recent fiscal year. But even smaller cities like Falls Church, Virginia have money troubles that require hard choices to be made.

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