Ben Shapiro Exposes Biden’s Biggest LIES From Biden’s DISASTROUS Speech

TARP Bailout FAQ’s

The TARP bailout has been a large component of our nation’s current financial picture. Many citizens have questions about this program.

The Obama Tax Cut Proposal and Economic Growth

Notwithstanding all the uncertainty about economic policies and the confusion added by all the politics, it should be clear that growing our economy is one of the necessary ingredients to solving our hopefully short-to-medium term economic doldrums and our long term deficit. If the past thirty years of prosperity has shown us anything it’s that policies that stimulate economic growth and employment are ultimately good for stimulating tax revenues.

4 Ways To Profit From The Coming Inflation

Many people are now panicking about the coming inflation. But why panic when you can actually profit big time from such an event happening. When goods and services in the local economy rises, that is full sign of inflation.

How Ethical Investments Influence Events on a Global Level

Greenpeace has criticised the Norwegian government for hypocrisy in relation to its ethical investments in Malaysia. However, Norway’s efforts and investment policies are an excellent example of how ethical investments impact positively on the development of corporate standards and business practices around the globe.

With Inflation On The Rise, Stagflation Ready To Rear Its Ugly Head

Thus far, Fed officials have taken comfort that surveys and bond-market behavior suggest the public expects the inflation rate to fall. But that credibility is now in endangered. Prices of many other raw materials continue to surge, with gold, silver, cotton and sugar reaching record highs. The effects are rippling from financial trading floors to local stores, forcing consumers to shell out more for everyday basics – a cup of coffee, a box of cereal, a gallon of gasoline.

The Economic State of Things – How Are We Doing Right Now?

Where are we headed in this economy? Will new jobs really be created if the government extends the Bush tax cuts? Are we headed for a double dip recession if the tax cuts do not get extended? Exactly where are we in this point in time and can America spring back to be the thriving dominant economy like it was before. Can the politicians grease the wheels of progress so we can move forward, or will this just be another negative attempt at tweaking our economy. Let’s see where we are at now and how this may play out.

China: The Next Bubble?

I believe I have seen somewhere recently plenty of evidence of Chinese labour cost pressures. One of the reasons given for relocation of firms back to the United Kingdom or the onward search for cheap labour in places like Vietnam. Interestingly, I’ve been reading an article about Mark Hart, who has set up a China Fund take advantage of China’s implosion

Mexican Silver Historical Mining Since the 1500’s

Mexico features an extended historical past associated with lucrative silver exploration. It is considered the fact that Aztecs have been the actual innovators regarding silver mining, removing the silver through the Sierra Madre Mountain tops.

Maximum Wage and the Limits of Human Inequality

The appropriate maximum wage that society should have will be a critical issue in this century. It is generally agreed upon at this point that a neurosurgeon should get compensated more than a tour guide. The Soviet experience of a relatively narrow gap between highest and lowest compensation (top company manager officially earning 3-5 times the entry level worker) shows that society’s progress stagnates if tangibly unequal abilities and contributions are rewarded with compensation that’s perceived as relatively equal.

2011 Economic Forecast-Part 1: The World Forecast From a US Perspective

2010 is ready for the history books and most of us are glad that year is finally in the rearview mirror. Worldwide economic collapse was avoided in 2009 and the global economy strengthened some in 2010. However, the pace of recovery was very modest in 2010, constrained by the continued effects of the US recession suppressing demand and curtailing imports, and the EU euro dollar debt crisis diverting hundreds of billions from the capital markets to internal emergency loans. With all the conflicting forecasts and lackluster predictions, what will the future hold for 2011? Will some EU nations abandon the euro and revert to their national currency? Will oil prices skyrocket from increased demand or plunge from global recession? How does China’s emergence as a world economic power affect the world economy? Read on for my forecast for the coming year.

Obama Boards Bernanke’s Chopper

The Good News: Continued government stimulus and low tax rates will create more growth and keep the market chugging in the short term. The Bad News: That “chugging” sound of stocks going higher is a bubble being formed.

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