Ben Shapiro SLAMS Biden’s EMBARRASSING Speech

Will The Economy Recover?

If you study history, you will notice that just about every decade or so the economy goes through some sort of turmoil. And every time we seem to bounce back. Yes, this time around was a lot worse then in the early 90’s, but none the less, we will bounce back.

Becoming a Fan of QEII: 6 Steps on How to Play It

The more I think about the government’s recent quantitative easing program, the more I like it. What CEO would not want…

Ireland’s Recovery Through Its Indigenous Sector

Negative media publicity on the downturn of the Irish economy prompted bondholders to charge crippling interest rates on Irish government borrowing. There are signs of recovery in the balance of payments and indigenous manufacturing sector.

How to Reduce the National Debt Without Raising Taxes or Cutting Spending

Discussions about deficits and debt reduction inevitably center on whether and how to reduce government spending or increase tax rates. Proponents of increasing taxes argue over what level tax rates should be increased to and for which segments of the population. Proponents of decreased spending debate which federal programs should be trimmed or eliminated altogether. But this choice is a classic false dichotomy. If we grow the economy enough, we won’t have to rely on massive tax hikes or spending cuts.

Nigeria America: Naira Versus Dollar Analysis in Retrospect

The Naira has enjoyed a jolly ride from the early 70s until it began a terrible fall in the 80s till-date. Reading this, I expect it to be both informative, entertaining but best of all educating. I hope it will help describe the real situation of how we look at our past leaders when analyzing their era in leadership. I hope it helps to mould the future giants; that is our children and groom them with rich information for the future.

Africa Is the Final Investment Frontier

There’s only one place left on earth where investors can get truly phenomenal returns – and that’s Africa. But investing in Africa isn’t like investing anywhere else.

The True State of the Economy

The true state of the economy depends on who you talk to. Optimists look at figures and say that things are looking better. Pessimists look at the same figures and say that things may look a little better right now, but it is a false positive.

3 Reasons I’m Convinced the Recession Is Over

I know some people love Chicken Little and see every sign as one that points to the end but I just prefer to look at my glass as half full with the potential for filling more and more until is spills over. I’ve got a lot of work to do to fulfill my predictions not to mention pleasing all the people depending on me so I have to stay motivated. Being optimistic make this a lot easier. Never the less, I can’t even begin to consider a scenario where things don’t always have the potential to get better, but for all of you who still don’t believe that there are good times just ahead, I do have some evidence for you to consider.

Current Affairs: What Happened To The Middle Class?

How about it Baby Boomers? What happened to your generation that there is now a HUGE financial gap between those that moved up in finances and those that have become pay check to pay check strapped? What about the next generation coming up through the ranks with both parents working and still in debt or struggling to find work? Everyone can’t be on Welfare!

The Effect From the Recession on Large Corporations and Small Business

The impact of the recession has been huge on almost all types of businesses. Whether it is a small business or a large corporation, this economy has not spared any entity. In fact, several top level organizations that never had any problem in the past are facing harsh situations. Many business owners are searching for new alternatives so that they can find a business that is not affected by recession.

No Big Tax Hike For Americans, For Now

So it’s done. Today President Obama was set to sign “the deal” by which he and his liberal co-conspirators in the federal legislature agreed to keep tax rates steady for two more years – in exchange for whopping unpaid-for spending on extended unemployment benefits.

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