Biden Admin Suspends Vaccine Mandate — But The Fight Is Just Beginning

Why Are We Even Talking About The Deficit Right Now?

A lot of the political debate that is taking place this election season surrounds the deficit and the growing concern over the national debt. President Barack Obama has called for a combination of both spending cuts, and changes in the tax structure which would effectively raise the top tax rates in order to generate more revenue. On the other side of the argument we have former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney; Romney has advocated for deep and powerful tax cuts which he claim are “revenue neutral” and even more significant cuts in domestic spending.

Economic Hardship and the Middle Class Squeeze – That’s No Recovery

It seems every time we turn around it is the middle class which takes in the shorts. The middle-class is the group of folks that pay the most in taxes, and also provide the productivity for this great nation. Without them we wouldn’t have greatness, as they are the ones that provide the fuel to keep our economy going. It is interesting to hear the politicians talk about the middle class, and then go right on doing what they’ve always done – giving them the shaft.

Our Economic Woes and Their Cure

Our country’s major business problem is a shortage of customers. With unemployment high and with people trying to pay down debt, consumer spending is down. Without customers, businesses won’t hire new workers no matter what incentives the government gives them. The only way to break out of this cycle is for the government to step in. The government can now borrow at 1.6% on a 10 year loan. The borrowed money can be well spent on upgrading our decaying infrastructure. In addition it will make jobs and revitalize many industries. With our economy back on track, additional tax revenue will take care of the debt.

Despite the Global Financial Crisis, the Banking Sector in Poland Records Robust Growth

The good condition of banks operating in Poland is contrasting with the troubled banking sectors in Western Europe. Despite the persisting global financial crisis, the banking sector in Poland recorded a robust growth in 2011. The total assets of commercial banks increased by 12% yoy, the net banking revenue went up by 9% and the bottom line surged by over 33% to 14.5 billion PLN.

1950S and Taxes

There are people claiming that taxes are too high. In 1950s, they were 92%.

The Business Community No Longer Trusts the BLS Numbers – Therefore I Have a Plan

One of the main reasons that our federal government has the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) is because it helps streamline our free-market economy and allows the flows of commerce to prevail. Some of the reasons we take a census in our country is to give that information to corporations, businesses, and government itself to help them make better decisions. As a retired franchisor or founder, I often found misleading, bogus, and erroneous data in census reports. It always irked me because I knew it was taxpayer money paying for that data and all that research, including all the people out in the field knocking on doors.

Populist Socialist Leaders Are Rarely Good At Playing Both Sides

Populist socialist presidents and leaders in history generally worked very hard to get in with the good old boy network, the merchant class, and the wealthy so that they have the backing to rule. Once in power, they often turn on their donors as they need appeal to the masses to stay in power. You see, Populist socialist leaders are rarely good at playing both sides forever. Initially, they realize that they can distribute the funds of the state towards the businesses of the merchant class to stay in their favor to continue their campaign contributions.

Welfare Assistance, How Important Is It?

With the increasing number of people on welfare assistance, would it be fair to cut the same programs that so many people depend on for assistance? And if people are not able to find employment, what should they do?

Price Controls Are Great Unless You Are the Producer Or Until The Scarcity Quickly Sets In

When prices get to high people get really angry, and in some case they protest and riot. It’s happened here in the US before. We saw it in Mexico with the Tortilla Riots, and the Arab Spring was partly due to high commodity food costs (namely wheat). In Nigeria, they raged against the ending of fuel subsidies, and there have been demonstrations in many of the first world nations as well. Generally, the powers that be and leadership realize they must keep the masses happy, and thus, they work to intervene in free-markets.

If You Disrespect the Fundamentals of Free-Market Capitalism You Are Disrespecting Freedom Too

Without freedom to choose, free-market capitalism cannot exist. I guess that makes sense because the operative word in free-market capitalism is free, thus, it goes without saying. Still, consider if you will that when we distort or disrespect the consumer, customer, or clients right to choose what they buy and from whom, we are ditching our very founding principles and abandoning the reason our economy has done so well over the last many generations. No, not without hick-ups but overall it’s done well.

How YOU Can Fix The Economy

The Keynesian macroeconomic system has attempted to remove the impacts of individuals on the economy. Yet individuals are critical to the economic success of a country. How can we, as individuals, help fix the economy?

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