Biden’s Approval Rating TANKS, Even Among Democrats

Microfinance As One of the Effective Extension Strategies for Poverty Alleviation

In the developing world, microfinance has been coined by economics as one of the most effective extension strategies for poverty alleviation. It focuses more upon ensuring that the underprivileged gets an opportunity to channel the available resources in order to generate better income. In order words access to credit creates the perfect environment by enhancing opportunities, which turn ordinary resources into productive resources.

Effective Ways of Monitoring the Cost of Poverty Alleviation Transfer Programs

The most commonly found criticism about social safety programmes is for the reason that major portions of their budgets are consumed for administrative purposes. But, there is not much cost structure evidence to support this criticism in developing countries. Here you will find a brief summary of the study that aims to implement a method for carrying out deep analysis into the cost of poverty alleviation transfer programs carried out in Latin America – PROGRESA in Mexico, RPS in Nicaragua and PRAF in Honduras.

The Dynamics and Importance of Poverty Alleviation Programmes

There are long-term as well as immediate poverty alleviation programmes that deliver results on the basis of effectiveness of the methods. Direct contributions could include donation of books, clothes, old vehicles and a broader approach is to support legislative campaigns directed towards eradication of poverty and supporting human rights. Government backed poverty alleviation programmes work on a conceptual basis that try to cover a number of social and economic aspects like, recognition of shared humanity, educating the poor, re-framing the debate and taking legislative action among a number of other options.

How We’re Going to Get This Economy Moving – Part II

This part II of an article discussing how San Antonio’s growth is going to fuel job creation. New jobs will create the demand for more services and additional jobs.

How We’re Going to Get the Economy Moving – Part I

We know the formula for improving the economy and creating jobs. This article is part of 1 of 2 of how the model works and how it applies to San Antonio.

The Effect of the Recession on the Hispanic Community in the US

Hispanics were really hard hit by the recession. Even people with white-collar jobs were also heavily affected by the economic recession in the US. Some professionals like accountants, teachers, company supervisors, Information Technology people, etc., were having worries on their salary decrease, or lose their jobs. For instance, the so-called Hispanic “abogados” were worried about the danger of lay offs in the law firms. Compared to those of their white colleagues, the workloads of black, Asian American, and Hispanic lawyers are lighter, and their billable hours are lower. Hence, they couldn’t afford to lose their job as a worse case scenario.

QE2 – Fed’s Quantitative Easing Round 2

There is wide disagreement among smart people as to whether QE2 is a good or bad thing and whether the long term affects will be sharp inflation or an economy that more quickly rebounds. The result is yet up for determination, but here are a few relevant ideas.

The Poor People in USA

According to the report from United States Census Bureau, there are 4,360,000 poor people in USA in 2009. It means 1/7 people in USA is poor. The number breaks the record in the history in USA. And the situation will be worse next year and some people predict the number of poor people will be increased to as high as 1/5 among the whole population. Do you know what the problems result in this phenomenon?

Moody’s Odds for a Double-Dip Recession on the Rise

Moody’s analysts, who just a few weeks ago were predicting that the housing market would bottom out sometime this year and that prices would start rising as early as early 2011, are now saying that the odds are 1 in 4 that the U.S. economy and the U.S. housing market will experience a double dip recession. These numbers are pretty dire for many homeowners who may have been hanging on and trying to ride out the storm.

Global Economic Crisis, What Should We Do?

In 2008, the global economic has encountered the unprecedented strike. The global economy just fell to the bottom rapidly. When figuring out the policies and plans to settle this problem, government leaders have got confused. Hope the following article could be helpful.

Your Country Is Called Earth! Global Economics Are the New Truth

Trying to hold on to old concepts of protectionism is just going to leave you behind. With the challenges we are facing in the world economics, we just cannot afford to have one person hanging on to the old ways. After all, this will just leave broke and frustrated people in its wake.

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