Biden’s vaccine mandate isn’t over. Here’s his latest move.

Faith and the Dollar Collapse

All indications are that the dollar will take a serious hit within the next year. Many experts believe that the dollar will completely collapse and plunge the USA into a period of difficult times. There are those who take the “Trust in God, He will provide” approach and they fail to prepare for the inevitable. This is not only Biblically unsound, it is also highly foolish.

Why Would You Rely On Government?

Remember Capitalism and Entrepreneurship? Ah, those were the days. Early America was born from the fighting desire to be free from big government and dependence on external authority. What has happened?

The Collectivist and the Individualist: Who Are You?

The difference between us and them. The basic difference between the collectivist and the individualist is their views on the influence of government and the answer to the question – who comes first, the group or the individual?

Government Debt

Are you aware of the current government problems the United States are facing. The current debt is $14 trillion and growing each day. Learn more about the problems of the United States financial system.

Small Business Could See Trouble If Congress Doesn’t Raise the Roof

According to the Constitution of the United States of America, Article 1, Section 8, Congress has the power “to borrow money on credit of the United States.” Congress has since established an agreeable number on somewhat of an autopilot system and has increased this cap on debt 74 times since March 1962.

2011 Indian Tea Deficit to Be 100 Million Kg This Year

Last year’s production of 966 million kg is expected to yield at least 990 million kg this year to accommodate the consumption increase of about 30 million kg each year. However, the Tea Board is not so hopeful that this target can be reached this year.

America’s 14 Trillion Dollar Debt May Give Us Depression, Hyper-Inflation and the Weimar Republic!

Notwithstanding President Obama’s pledge to freeze government spending, the Congressional Budget Office is forecasting huge budget deficits in the next five years. According to the CBO report our deficit will balloon by between 500 billion and 1.5 trillion each year for the next five years leaving us with an extra 4.

Why Does A Penny Cost Nearly 2 Cents?

By the logic of the market, the high demand for metals and other commodities should spur more production. The resulting increase in supply would satisfy the demand, and prices would fall to a natural, sustainable level. But according to some industry-watchers, increased production won’t solve the supply problem, because in reality there is no supply problem. There is plenty of metal, but large quantities of it are withheld from the market.

The Business of Education in America

The education system is being divided on the basis of ability to pay banks. The nations needs are becoming secondary to those of financial institutions. The wealthy are using the very model to prepare their children for college that the federal government is rejecting for main stream America. Why is this double standard being created?

The Great Depression And Its Downward Economic Spiral: Part 3 Of A 3 Part Series

In part 1 of this 3 part series, we explored the causes of The Great Depression, in part 2; we examined the effects it had on America. In part 3, we explore the ways that the American people tried to dig themselves out of this hole.

The Great Depression And Its Downward Economic Spiral: Part 2 Of A 3 Part Series

In part 2 of this 3 part series, we’ll deal with the effects of the fall out from the Great Depression. In part 1we explored its causes, but how devastating was it to the American people? By 1930 shanty towns or squatter communities, bitterly known as “Hoovervilles”, began to sprout up all over the United States from the fallout of the Great Depression. These individuals, branded hobos, were obligated to live a loathsome survival among monstrous piles of accumulated trash made of discarded public scraps of food or items of value that they could sell.

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