What Determines The Difference Between A Successful Business and Going Bankrupt?

This economic climate today provides us with choices. Everywhere we go we hear the word money. There is never enough. Yes there is enough money if we use the wisdom God has given us to help other people. The law of attraction can be found in all chapters of The Holy Bible, if we just take a moment to allow the words to speak to our hearts. We can think on the negative and feel that everyone is out to get us. The mission and intent of the unseen Phantom of Identity Theft is to steal all we have including our core values and replace these values with greed and destruction. We have another choice; we can think on the positive and receive the quiet voice we here in our heart, that if we do our part to help enough other people we can turn our own life around. This is profound wisdom and it works. This is God’s wisdom.

Investing in Africa, Good News, Bad News and Faux Pars

As people around the globe eye Africa for potential investment and South Africans head north there is some encouraging news to feed those ambitions, worrying reports to temper our enthusiasm and some mistakes to learn from. Ghana’s capital Accra is awash with educated, well-dressed young up-and-coming people, driving top-of-the-range cars living in stylish houses. It’s indicative of Ghana’s economic growth, 14.

African Investment, The Next Big Thing, It’s All But Established

Investment into Africa as the next big thing seems to be all but established. But investment into property developments has been stop start, with some notable exceptions. Experts on the ground are expecting investment to pick up as Africa’s hunger for shopping malls and commercial office space continues to grow.

How the Government Uses Fiscal Policy to Influence the Economy

This article provides an overview of how the U.S. federal government influences the economy. In addition to defining both monetary and fiscal policy, we’ll discuss specific fiscal policy tools and their use as an attempt to stabilize the economy.

Will the Euro Survive the European Crisis?

It was in 1999 that 17 member nations from the European Union came together to form a powerful economic alliance, known as the Eurozone. The Maastricht Treaty of 1992 laid down stringent criteria to gain a membership in the alliance. Euro became the face of this congregation, standing in direct competition with the strongest currencies, US Dollar and British Pound. Today, years of rampant violation of the fundamental philosophy of the Eurozone and glaring financial realities threaten the very existence of this economic force.

An Unsung Hero of British Dominated India

This is a story of a person who became famous for his dedication during late independence of India his name might not have been to the limelight of the society but many people of such a kind were worth for a recognition. This is an article of Mr. Rameshwar Nayek born in a small village in Bihar in the Year 1920. He gained his higher education in Kolkata’s Presidency college…

When The Socialist Forces of Central Banks Collude Global Economic Stability Is Doomed

Presently, the ECB wants the power to dictate to all EU member states’ banks of any size or specializing in any sector their reserves, interest rates, and policies. In Germany many smaller banks are not going for the idea, and yet, if Germany doesn’t get on board other EuroZone nations are economically doomed without a bailout or ability to get credit. An ECB upgraded central bank which is established without regards to fiscal responsibility cannot succeed. Let’s talk.

Since When Should a Socialist President Demand the FED Manipulate Monetary Policy for Jobs?

The Federal Reserve is a private bank, and in some regards it has been granted more power to make policy than even the government itself. Still, it is a private entity for a reason. Some recent politicians have suggested we get rid of the Federal Reserve and create a bank for the United States run by the government. That might seem like a nice plan, but I cringe at the thought, let me explain why.

Class Warfare – A Global Problem of Epic Proportions

Anyone who lives in the United States realizes that we have a bit of class warfare going on. That’s pretty upsetting because America has always stood for excellence, rewarded winners, and given an incentive for upward mobility. If those who succeed are clawed back and their monetary rewards stolen from them, then it will prevent many in the lower-class from trying to achieve the middle class, and even fewer middle class folks from ever making it to the upper-class. That’s exactly the opposite of how Americans used to think.

Is The US Economy Circling The Drain?

This is a medical term used by hospital staff when a patient is beyond all hope of saving but is still alive,still clinging to the very last bit of life till it too is gone, and the patient slips quietly into death. They are no longer a part of this world and gone forever. Is this an accurate description of our economy right now in its present state of being.

Are Stressed Municipality Budgets and Legacy Costs Affecting Our Water Treatment Facilities?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is quite serious when it comes to its NPDES permitting and its rules for sewer treatment plants or POTW’s. The water coming out of a sewer treatment plant must be almost perfect before it is released. There are obvious reasons for this, namely that there are people downstream who might be drinking from that water. You can understand how serious that gets. This means that the stringent policies are always causing municipalities to upgrade their sewer plants, and at huge costs.

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