CDC Finally Admits Lockdowns Are Harmful To Youth

Supreme Court Washes SOX

Isn’t it time to clean the grime from the federal government? Sarbanes-Oxley, the 2002 law, was passed by the legislature to clean public corporations accounting and disclosure statements. If these entities did not come clean in their filings management and those responsible for preparing the tome could look forward to a little room and board courtesy of the federal prison system.

The Hidden Cost of Green Energy – UK Homeowners Face 277 Pound Fuel Bill Hike

Incredible. The UK Government’s plans to tackle climate change is going to add 277 pounds to UK annual household fuel bills unless users give their home a so called “Green Makeover”. Energy & Climate Change Minister, Chris Huhne, admitted that the massive cost of funding the expansion of wind farms across Britain, as well as clean coal power stations, will send both gas and electricity bills spiralling.

Starting a Work Barter Network

Work barter can be made a lot more effective and meet a community demand by learning the lessons and mistakes of previous efforts such as the Local Employment Trading Scheme. Effective organization on a local level can be supported by an Internet Site that acts as nucleus with practical outcomes.

Why Did the Market Rise on Bad News?

Ever lay awake at night worrying about something that may happen in the next day or two? Even though there is absolutely nothing that you can do at two in the morning – no one you can call, nothing you can buy, no where you can go to solve the problem, and you know this – you still are tossing and turning while worried about the situation. Why do we worry in these situations where this is nothing that can remedy them?

Singapore Economy Witnesses Record Growth

Singapore is likely to emerge as Asia’s fastest growing economy with GDP growth rates soaring to unprecedented levels during Q1 and Q2 of 2010. Singapore’s economy is said to have grown 19.3% in Q2 2010 over the corresponding period in 2008, while Q1 growth was revised up to 16.9% from 2008. Singapore’s stronger than expected economic performance has prompted its central bank to raise its GDP forecast for 2010 from 7-9% to an impressive 13-15%.

Some Thoughts on Financial Privacy and Offshore Banking For U.S. Citizens

In the United States the founding fathers were careful to place in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and other initial documents, certain rights to personal privacy and freedom. The Federal Government was primarily tasked with protecting the borders, and specific tasks related to national security. Government powers were limited and personal rights and freedoms took precedence. One of the ways to improve your financial privacy is to open an offshore bank account.

The Economic Paradox of Taxation and Quantity of Collection Considered

There are many things in economics which can be proved mathematically, and at the same time – in practice which go against the basic assumptions one might have. Generally, most theories in economics are quite obvious, and easily explainable. However, at other times they often go against basic common sense, and this creates a paradox of sorts in the minds of decision makers, economists, business owners, investors, and consumers and citizens.

Economic Development in Asia

This abstract is based on the economic development in Asia. The article is focused more on Asian Countries that relates to their development in different systems of economy. This will be for the researchers, faculty members and students all over the world.

Economic Development in Japan

Japan is known as the model for the free developing word and that is how their economic development works in Far East Asia. This is near in the boundary of Korean Peninsula.

Economic Development in the World

This abstract focus the issues the people are facing in the world economic development. The article is based on all 7 continents regarding this topic. This is also good for the economic leaders and other people who like to analyze the development of different countries they have to reach.

Interest Rates and the World Economy

There is no effective way to measure the source of funds as well as the amount of funds each bank and lending institutions have. This would mean facing difficulty in making estimates as to the credit facilities and funds that they have available for lending to business enterprises and individuals. This could have help set the overnight benchmark interest rates. As the Federal Reserve gradually lowers interest rates, it also slowly depletes its funds.

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