Celebs party maskless at the Super Bowl

Happy 94th Birthday, Granny!

Granny turns 94 today, and the occasion’s making me reflect on how much the world has changed in that time. And, of course, it makes me wonder what amazing stuff is in store for the human race in the next 90-100 years….

New Style Economy Coming in 2011 – Be Prepared

At a time where millions of Americans are already having trouble making ends meet, what could the current middle east crisis mean for the economic crisis and also Obama’s political future. Some analysts out there are seeing that the price of crude going up to as much as $200 per barrel. But that will depend on a break on a larger oil producer such as Saudi Arabia, maybe something happening with Iran or closure with the Suez canal, what what we are looking at is the repeat of the 1979 when the Iranian crisis broke out.

Beware The Modern-Day Music Man

Wake up, America. The economy is a “dead man walking,” and things are going to get much worse before they get better. Are you ready? Do you have your own source of revenue to protect yourself from the day you lose your job? Do you have a plan to protect your family from hyperinflation and the collapse of our currency? Are you aware of the global conspiracy against wealth, and what you can do about it? It is still not too late. If you get smart now, you might well be one of the informed few who profits greatly from the coming financial disaster. Remember: more wealthy people were created during The Great Depression than at any previous time in history…

Invest In America, and Help Fix The Economy Too

Let’s be honest, even though our nation’s economy is on the upswing, and the pendulum has begun to creep slowly upward, we still face very difficult times. The American manufacturing sector has been devastated by globalization, and unemployment has hit record highs throughout the country. We need to turn this country around, create new manufacturing jobs, and in the process restore our economy.

Aftermath of Sendai Japan Mega-Quake – The Economic Component

Within a day of the Sendai Earthquake the death toll had risen to 1000 with 500 missing – as the figure was climbing literally hourly. In the world news were videos of the damage, and on YouTube 10s of thousands of uploads within the first couple of hours. As more videos poured in the World watched in horror and the most Earthquake prepared nation on the globe could not defend against the 8.

American Economy Collapse: Invest in ETFs To Not Lose It All

More and more analyst say the United States will face a big depression in the following years. There are a lot of reasons why more and more people think the American economy will collapse.

An Overview About Chinese Economic Development

Throughout the year 2010, the people bank of china has been seen increasingly getting militant. All the individuals are more concerned about the economy overheating, so they make active participations to bulge down the bubbles that have been arisen as an outcome of government economic policies.

How to Reconcile Technology and Sustainable Living Through Social Entrepreneurship and Networking

Our world is becoming smaller with the media exposure of world events relayed by the social networks allowing citizens to start revolutions. Our goal is to reconcile the new digital capitalism with sustainable living and personal development. We welcome contributors from various parts of the world to our blog so that together we can make a true difference around us.

The US Budget: From Surplus to Deficit and Back?

In the United States, there was a federal budget surplus only a decade ago. By tracing the ballooning deficit over the past ten years, can we find a way back to a surplus?

The Most Expensive Cars Ever Produced

Cars – especially the sports type – usually come in a higher price than the regular and ordinary one. No wonder if there are lists of the most expensive cars ever produced in the world. The list comes with downward type, from the least expensive to the most expensive ones…

The Most Expensive Engagement Rings Ever Made

For most females – especially celebrities or famous people – having the right (and also expensive) engagement ring is very important because they often being the center of the spotlight and they need to make impressive appearance. There’s a list of top 10 most expensive engagement rings ever worn by famous people such as the royal family, celebrities, or socialites.

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