China is using the Olympics to flaunt Uyghur concentration camps. Here’s how.

Lessons on Cultural Led Economic Development Practice 2010

This article explores the role that the cultural sector in the UK could play in the post-recession economy, looking at the role in promoting cultural tourism, stimulating innovation and developing skills. It argues there may now be a stronger role for culture in developing well balanced, competitive localities than in the pre-financial crisis era.

The True Story of the Unified Gulf Currency

A unified Gulf currency has asserted itself as a quintessential goal for Gulf countries and a pillar for the awaited Gulf economic integration. Nevertheless, despite the expected benefits of the monetary union, numerous obstacles hinder the esteemed leap.

The Current Economic Indicators and the Economy Growth In 2011

The United States is a largest and the most power economy internationally. The USA economy is greatly based on the behavior of financial market, in which the private individuals and the business firms make the decisions. The future of an economy is predicted by certain key economic indicators.

Surviving As a Manufacturer in the 21st Century

What companies are doing in todays lean manufacturing world. Studies and interviews with CNC job shops will show what it takes to survive in the manufacturing world.

The Economic and Climatic Importance of Trees and Forests

Trees are seen as a valuable economic asset but only once they have been cut down for their timber. Our economic system values dead trees as being assets, not live ones. In its way, the plight of the world’s forests and the attempts to manage and preserve them is indicative of the whole reappraisal of the “meta economics” that is demanded by the need to fight climate change and reclaim a safe climate.

Confusing Economic Times

The recent economic reports indicate that the United States economy grew at a 3.2% annual rate for the fourth quarter of 2010. Reports also indicate that American personal consumption, a major indicator of the willingness of consumers to spend, and thus an indicator of business survival, was at its highest level since 2006.

Are We Still Headed For Economic Disaster?

Is it over? Have we squeaked by? Or are we still on the brink of and an economic disaster?

Gone, But Not Forgotten!

The funky neighborhood landmarks are rapidly disappearing in Seattle. The unique, quaint, fun restaurants, theaters, meeting halls, bowling alleys seem to be morphing into apartment houses, condominiums and large markets we don’t particularly need.

The Statism Of The Union

The state of America is dreary; the country’s in a downward spiral toward statism. We live in a nation where all influential institutions, regardless of how they’re chartered, are “owned” by the statists… from the Democrat echo-chamber that our media have become to the boot camps for “progressives” that are our colleges and universities….

2011 – The Year Of The Big Economic Bang

When we take a look at the new year of the new decade, we can spot trends that will take us into a new era. It will come in the way it went out, with a bust and a bang. Unfortunately it came in with the dot com bust in the year of 2000. But what next?

Ireland and Its Economic Crisis

For more than a decade, the Irish economy was in a good track. Also known as the Celtic Tiger years that lasted for 12 long years, started at the year 1995 until the early 2008. Soon after, the Irish government declared a recession.

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