Chinese spies have infiltrated American Universities. Here are just a few.

What Causes Gold Price Inflation

Most of the people look at the gold price per troy ounce in a similar way they consider the stock market. It is very difficult to determine what causes the fluctuations by just looking at the investment vehicles. The gold price is related to few core factors in reality.

Big Bailout – Money Out of Thin Air But Weighing More Than A Ton

You’ll probably be finding yourself a bit curious right after reading the title, but don’t worry, it’ll clear itself soon enough. Before we get anywhere though, let’s revisit a story that surely almost everyone has heard about by now – the big bailout.

Seven Developing Nations Vital to the World Economy

Sometimes we become preoccupied with the major nations involved in our global economy, rather than look beyond China, Russia and the United States. There are currently seven nations which are vital to the continuation of our economies- Who are these seven developing nations?

Will Commodities Be The Next Economic Bubble?

Traditionally, the price of commodities fluctuates with public confidence in the economy. When the economy is considered healthy and robust, commodities generally only rise with the rate of inflation, if at all. However, in times when public confidence in the economy is low, commodities have traditionally risen.

Government Takeover: “Bush Tax Cuts” Are Now OK

Today’s Pearl Harbor Day, but too few in the U.S. are focused on commemorating America’s survival of one of the most heinous attacks ever to take place on its soil. Instead, too many people are distracted today by the bomb dropped by the liberal government late yesterday. They’ve struck a corrupt bargain to extend the current income tax rates only by accompanying that measure with a massive extension of unemployment benefits.

How a Country Can Quit the Eurozone, and Adopt Its Original Currency

The Eurozone is in crisis, with several member states which have adopted the euro as their currency, facing a mountain of debt. At some point if financial restructuring is seen as being detrimental to their economies, they may decide to opt out. How can a country quit the Eurozone, and adopt its original currency?

The Debt Reduction Diet

Both obesity and debt are epidemics in America. Let’s call a spade a spade. It is our human tendency toward comfort and our propensity for excess that has brought us to this place. Our indulgences have not only made us weak they have made us complacent. Life is not a spectator sport. As we know the causes of our maladies, likewise we know the cures: diet and exercise. Let’s get on the road to recovery.

Lost Formula For Success

Starting a successful business has a lot of different steps. If you want to be successful in business that takes even more random steps. Or are they really random? Recently after a grueling workout at the most annoying gym in Coppell.

Can the American Spirit Prevail In the Face of Certain Economic Collapse?

They say that the financial world that has supported us for so many years is on the verge of collapse. In fact there is a lot of evidence to support what “they” say. On virtually every street, in almost every town in this country you can find businesses that have been shut down. In fact you can remember a few years ago when those businesses were thriving. In the neighborhoods of this country every third or fourth house has a “For Sale” sign in the front yard. Unemployment is spreading throughout the nation. They say that it is only going to get worse as time goes on.

Inside, Outside and Upside Down Mortgage

Like about a quarter of American homeowners, I’m upside down in my mortgage. I came into a little money and wanted to refinance. Easy right? After all, rates are hovering near historic lows. But I ran into one roadblock after another.

Government Takeover: They Want Your Money

Here’s another way to look at it: it’s not that they necessarily want the government to have your money; it’s more that they don’t want YOU to have it. They want you to feel miserable and needy, and ready to vote for any candidate and proposal that promises to “take care” of you. They need you to be unemployed, depending on the government for welfare and food stamps. They need you to be a victim.

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