Colby Covington on Conor McGregor’s Loss, Kamaru Usman Rematch, and LeBron James

Why Your Mindset Is Vital During a Pandemic

No one will dispute that we are undergoing challenging times right now as a result of COVID-19 a.k.a. the Coronavirus. Most all of us are suffering from varying degrees of hardship. What differentiates how well you adapt has less to do with the severity of the hardship you are under, and more to do with your outlook or mindset about it.

The Obstruction Of Democracy

It should came as no surprise that Mike Bloomberg in his disdain for not only Bernie Sanders but the voting public is using not only his own wealth to finance one of the most saturated campaign adds we have seen but is being backed by many Wall Street financiers in his bid for the Presidency. It is not hard to fathom that Bloomberg is so well connected to Wall Street with ties going back to the late 1970’s. With people like Bill McNabb of Vanguard or Lloyd Bankfein of Goldman Sachs and others have so much to loose if Bernie…

Terrorism and Economic Growth: The Case of Pakistan

Terrorism has negative impressions on a country’s economy. It destroys physical and human capital, creates uncertainty in the market, and urgently demands the government’s expenses on anti-terrorist facilities. Pakistan is particularly susceptible to the economic consequences of terrorism. Human capital development will help mitigate terrorism in the long run and contribute to economic growth in Pakistan.

Do You Need a Car and a Smart Phone to Make Money?

You will need a smart phone to get a job and keep it. Your will also need a car to get a good job, which means you have a drivers credential.

Spiritual Poverty – What Does It Mean?

A report of a comprehensive study of poverty in the UK in 2012, was edited by Esther Dermott and Gill Main (Universities of Bristol and Leeds respectively.) It was not about spiritual poverty but social exclusion. They found that those surveyed thought poverty is not being able to afford to live an ordinary social life, with adequate shelter and enough nourishment. Having little money and poor housing parallels spiritual poverty. Both are about a lack of what is important for well-being and personal flourishing.

2020 A New Beginning?

With this new year where so many resolutions are made and then broken we would be wise to remember what our lives were like this past decade. For some each ensuing year brought prosperity and good health but for millions the world over remain in desolation hoping that things will be better next year. And, they never are.

The Voice Of The People

It seems that the trouble with politics is that they most often find a way not to govern. When Trump entered the White House I guess he never really knew how to govern and consequently so did other members of congress. The chaotic years since the government of the U.

The Conservative View

The recent election in Great Britain showed the United States what many of us have known all along. The conservative view is well enforced and in play in both countries. It is obvious to one who has half a brain that conservative views equate to the trickle down view of the controlling oligarchy ruling class.

The Failing Of America

In this political season where substance is non existent only words of self embellishment have come forth I can’t help wonder why the media and the general public aren’t asking concerning questions about what our elected officials in government have been and are currently doing in undermining American Democracy. One of the most significant questions that one really should be asking is why hasn’t there been a national outcry over our military involvement in the Mid-East especially Afghanistan like there was during the Viet Nam years? Are we that desensitized as a society to not voice our discontent and outright…

It Was A Very Good Year?

What can be said about this past year? If anything can be said the status-quo has only continued. No authentic progress has been made to combat climate change, the scourge of violence has only continued, the rich have gotten richer while the masses continue to languish in desperation hoping things will change but never do.

China’s Role In Soaring House and Land Prices In Australia

Over the last few years house prices have risen to a level outside of what most Australians can afford. Many with mortgages are now on struggle street as they try to pay off the debt and keep up with other obligations. While some are reaping the benefits of owning one or more homes others are forced onto streets in absolute desperation as the banks reclaim their assets.

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