Cyberwarfare: How World War 3 Will Be Fought

China Boosts Gold Purchases Over Dollar Collapse Fears

It is highly anticipated that China will become the world’s largest net buyer of gold this year surpassing that of India, who has been the largest gold consumer until now. China’s gold purchases for 2012 have already risen ten percent according to ICBC a leading Chinese bank. Why are they so eager to buy?

Volcker, Vickers, Liikanen: Many Questions Remain

During the global financial catastrophe of 2008, financial services organizations went bankrupt partly due to ineffective and insufficient regulations, corporate mismanagement, and reckless risk taking. More recent scams such as Libor and J.P Morgan’s trading loss, and the involvement of major banks in money laundering scandals have encouraged policy makers, governments, and industry leaders in various parts of the world to call for regulatory and compliance reforms.

Lean Six Sigma Should Be Utilized to Help Solve The U.S. Debt Crisis

The US debt is out of control and getting larger every month. Government should utilize the same tools that have made American businesses thrive in a worldwide economy, such as lean six sigma.

Put America’s Future To Work

The unemployment rates for teenagers in the United States is too high. America’s younger generations need to start working in order for America’s future to be bright.

The Decline of Wage Equality

A short history of my career. Followed by an analysis of how overall wages have dropped for the average person in the last eight years.

Five Modern Problems of the US Economy

The American people are facing the following problems today. Inflation. This is one of the most important modern economic problems because of the way it impacts people s quality of life.

Why Is America Asleep at the Wheel?

Why are most Americans drifting along without a care while their country is crumbling from within? Normalcy bias. It’s natural for people to simply “stick their head in the sand” and avoid staring at the harsh realities of the world.

5 Ways to Be Loyal When Shopping for the Holidays – And Any Other Occasion for That Matter

Keeping it local keeps it where the heart is. It’s not just about the economy, or politics. It’s about the spirit of the season, paying it forward, and gifting everyone around you at the same time.

Ways to Improve Superstores: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Walmart has been the focus of protests in the news lately. Consumers and workers often feel torn between loving and hating giant superstores, between shopping at them for the prices and protesting their business practices. The negative impacts of massive retailers range from poor treatment of employees and suppliers to putting independent local firms out of business. Protests against such harmful effects are generally peaceful but can spiral into violent reactions at times, and in fiction, can be downright murderous.

The Challenge of Chinese Wealth and the Symbol of the Corporate Jet As an Elitist

Around the world there seems to be this new unfounded theory that rich people are the cause of economic strife amongst the masses. It’s easy to blame others for our own failures in life, and it is quite easy for a populist leader to promote such an agenda as a way to stay in power themselves. We have seen in the United States with their current Teleprompter in Chief this similar motif, just as we saw with the “Occupy Protests” where the 99% pointing fingers at the 1%.

Hyperinflation – America Built Upon A House Of Cards

The economy within the United States today is nothing more than a hyper-inflationary house of cards just waiting to completely fall apart. America has been down this path before, however today things are quite different than say during the late 1970’s through the early 1980’s. Today just one small fragile mistake will allow this house of cards to collapse, taking America right into hyperinflation.

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