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Bernie’s Last Stand

With Trump in the White House it seems that our society has in so many respects succumbed to a much lower common denominator. The divisions that exist have only exasperated the growing divide that has turned humanity away from what is good and virtuous. It is quite evident when for the past 30 years the violent atrocities in our schools, entertainment venues, churches, and other places where the public gathers has steadily increased in severity and frequency.

That Higher Plateau

When nobody listens in a time where temperatures keep rising and tempers flare shows that mankind is no where near capable of healing the wounds inflicted by mortal men. Today, the world is ruled by the unquenchable thirst for power, control, and wealth by those who are blinded by their own greed. When on one listens to reasoning or logic, when no one responds with compassion in times of crisis, and when no one who could make a difference in so many lives thru acts of kindness, benevolence and humanity, is the reality of our times.

That Summer Wind

Oh! how I long for that summer wind. The gentle breeze warmed by the sun.

Divided We Fail

In this the 21st century we still have to remember lessons learned from history are valuable tools to secure the future. Too often though mankind hasn’t learned many of the lessons that history is supposed to teach us. Many empires that have risen fall by it’s failure to negate the inner divides of it’s people.

Impoverished Nation

When the Peterson Foundation sited medium incomes for 2017 they implied that Americans are earning more than in previous years. Not so. When we take a closer look into the demographics of all Americans today medium incomes don’t tell the true sorry state of where this country is in.

The Value of Part-Time Employment and Autistic Adults

There are thousands of hard to fill part-time job openings in the public and private sectors that remain unfilled. The primary reason these jobs are difficult to fill is they often don’t provide benefits. Autistic adults are perfectly suited to fill some of these positions because they are limited to part-time work if receiving Social Security and Medicaid. This would be a win-win scenario for both employers and adults with autism, requiring only a minimal investment.

Deep State

When we look back at the down fall of America and, we will, sooner or later the one pivotal factor that ultimately spelled the beginning of Americas decline was a piece of legislation that has been primarily overlooked, forgotten, or otherwise deemed nonessential to the American public. The significance of the Act of 1871 is that from that moment on the United States ceased being a Democratic Republic and all legislation was engineered for the sole purpose to enrich the corporate state of the United States. Today, when we listen to Congressional hearings and all the political…

Is Treasury Secretary Mnuchin’s Move to Reduce Capital Gains Taxes Naive or Genius?

The Treasury Secretary is studying the ramifications of reducing capital gains taxes on investments like stocks, bonds and real estate, by taking into account inflation before levying taxes on investors selling those assets. Capital gains currently are figured by subtracting original asset purchase prices from current sale prices without adjusting for inflation. Notwithstanding the economic merits of such a proposal, the politics of doing this and doing it now seem to be ill-advised. Or perhaps it’s a stroke of pure genius.

Corporate Greed – Enough Is Enough!

There is an unacceptable double standard in our world today. Corporations that cause great harm to people and the environment get a slap on the wrist while the ordinary citizen faces bankruptcy and foreclosure. Banks are too big to fail, but individuals must pay the price for their mistakes. At the same time, a relentless pursuit of profit at all costs leads corporations to outsource services such as custodial and security to avoid paying wages and benefits.

In Today’s Commercialized World, Money Is Everything – The Rich Can Even Afford To Buy Better Genes

Ayomah was lounging one day at home when he heard a knock at the door. It was a timid, hesitant knock. He answered the door in a sartorial optimism – black jeans, black T-Shirt and a black beret-thinking it was his classmate Alberta. She was that pretty girl who had recently broken up with her violent Lebanese boyfriend, Akram. She’d arranged the previous day to eat lunch with him at Papaye, one Lebanese restaurant very close to his home. It was rather his classmate, Abdul Razak who had come to discuss some math questions with him ahead of that day’s math exam.

Tariffs: Reality Check

Tariffs affect economic and political international relations. How impactful are tariffs in a globalized society.

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