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Competing to Enhance Investor’s Confidence

New economic policies have been responsible for increasing the competition among the nations of the world. Consumers too have been making choices due to heavy competition among the producers.

Gross Domestic Product and Happiness

In some countries of the world, the wealth created is distributed equally among all the sections of the population. Thus there would be growth with justice or inclusive growth or equitable distribution of wealth. Unequal distribution of the wealth would lead to many severe consequences including revolt and political instability.

Economic Mineral Resources and Development

The mineral resources play a dominant role in the economic development of the economies of the world. They have been contributing a maximum amount to the gross domestic product of some nations.

Science, Technology, and Economic Development

The current developments in technology are dramatically changing the development levels of the economies of the world. These are enhancing the production and productivity levels.

Increasing Minimum Wage Hurts Employers Ability to Use Pay Raises As Incentives

You may not have ever considered this, perhaps because you are a left-leaning bleeding heart liberal, but have you considered that raising the minimum wage will have a dire negative consequence. No, I am not talking about economics 101 – the argument that you’ve already heard, albeit true, that minimum wage will cause more unemployment by causing businesses to hire fewer people and/or have to close their doors. Nor, am I going to re-present to you another true economics 101 reality that increasing wages even in the short run causes inflation – specifically wage inflation.

Faster Way to Top Pay for Fast Food Workers

There has been a recent protest for fast food workers to be paid a “living wage”. $15 an hour. I say why stop at $15, let’s shoot for $50.

Bogus Economic Jobs Report – We’ve Seen This Before

Western economic analysts always question the economic numbers coming out of China stating; we can’t trust the data. True enough, but what about here at home. Our own economic data is contrived as well, usually for political reasons. And since this is a known fact, why bother collecting the numbers in the first place? Why not just save the budget money for other important governing endeavors?

Economic Democracy

Nearly all the countries of the world today have come under some sort of democratic structure. Liberal democracy has been established in such countries as the USA, Great Britain, France and Canada, while in the Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, and Eastern Europe socialist democracy is the dominant system. The plight of the people in liberal democratic (so called democratic) countries is not as miserable as it is in communist countries, because in communist countries the political and economic system is imposed on society by party officials, causing untold human suffering and severe psycho-economic exploitation. Both liberal democracy and socialist democracy may be considered forms of political democracy because these systems are based on economic and political centralization…

Your Republican Uncle Is Right About the Economy

There’s a good chance that your republican uncle has investments in the market. He wants to make sure that his investments, to include his retirement accounts, provide him with a nice retirement. To do that, he has to get his hands on all the market and economy related news that could affect his investments. When it comes to economics, DNC’s “Your Republican Uncle” has handed you a “spork” to take on your “M240 machine gun armed” republican uncle.

Raising Minimum and Creating Universal Health Care Won’t Make Us Richer, Happier or Healthier

Not long ago, I had been doing some additional research on minimum wage law history in the United States and found some rather disturbing facts, no not all that disturbing to me, in fact, I’d half expected to uncover such information. I guess what intrigued me the most was the lack of evidence (real empirical economic data from trusted sources) that raising the minimum wage actually improved the lives and standard of living in the regions where it was instituted. Let’s talk.

Economic Development and Persisting Economic Woes

The countries of the world do have several economic problems during the process of economic development. Such problems are inevitable. The corrective measures would be taken by the governments. But there are some international trends, business cycles, supply and demand factors, etc which would not solve the issues easily!

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