Daily Wire Backstage: Reacting to Biden’s State of the Union Address

You Can Recover From This Economic Recession – Are You Ready For Change?

People do not change because they fear the unknown, which is understandable. However, what I don’t understand is how and why people would sit back and be forced to change, which is always harder than changing for yourself.

Insane Chatter

Piling more debt onto the federal government’s existing mountain of IOUs means “shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren,” according to Barack Obama. But those were the words of Sen. Barack Obama, back in 2006.

What Is the Current State of the Economy?

The current state of the economy is such that it has been stretched for 3 consecutive quarters. In the initial 3 months of the year gone by, the system of finance developed at a yearly rate of 3.2% that was adjusted seasonally.

QE2 and the Tipping Point

You may have heard of Malcolm Gladwell’s book from 2000 called ‘The Tipping Point’ where ideas, messages and behaviours spread like a virus to reach a boiling point. Right now, traders and investors are on alert for the tipping point in the sharemarket. Will the QE2 be that tipping point?

Government Spending and What It Means to You

Budgeting and spending by government is different than that by the individual citizen. They seem to be working in opposing directions. What works for one may not work for the other.

Economics of Tariffs – Friend or Foe?

Tariff barriers have been removed or reduced and international trade has grown enormously. A ‘level playing field’ has been created. But is it so level? And who is benefiting?

Ways to Wealth Through Interdependence – Henry Ford and the Model T

Henry Ford knew what he wanted when he set up his assembly lines for manufacturing the Ford Model T back in 1908. He understood interdependence. He knew that he could prosper if he could help other people to do so.

How Poor Would You Have To Be To Eat Mud?

If you heard the term mud cookie, you would probably believe it was a brand name for a delicious chocolate or fudge flavored cookie. You would never believe that I was talking about an actual cookie made of mud. You would probably believe that no one would ever reach a reality where a mud cookie became food. You would probably be mistaken.

What Is a Stock Market Crash?

You must have heard about the stock market crash. It is nothing but a sudden decline in the prices of stocks in the stock market. Nobody knows about what leads to a crash but it generally occurs when the loss percentage is steep.

What Are the Various Types of Inflation?

We all know the fact that inflation denotes the increase of price. There are several types of inflation. During the period of inflation, the prices will increase.

A Second Class Citizen in One’s Own Country

I have been in China for seven years as an expatriate and have made many Chinese friends over my years here. One issue that kept coming up, stoking flames of nationalism, is why foreigners are so much favoured over them locals. It is very, very difficult for many locals to understand why foreigners get benefits and salaries so significantly better than theirs.

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