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What Should Be Done to Tackle the Global Economic Crisis?

The disaster in the economy that started in the year 2008 has snowballed into global economic crisis. Its harmful effects on investment and trade are being experienced now in many economies that survive on export. Even the twin threats of economic trade dehydration and growing protectionism are also being seen in the near distance.

Will the Current Oil Prices Increase Later or Stabilize?

It is not easy to predict current oil prices. They are not easy to track. They are stable one week but sky high the next week.

Recession’s Over? Bah, Humbug

Don’t be fooled. The recession isn’t over, and things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. And it will be personal responsibility, not government takeover of the private sector, that will save the economy…

The Next Generation of Human Civilization

Using the open source software community, as a model for developing home office based free enterprise. And developing a safe, clean and decent society in which we can all life in peace, harmony and freedom.

The New Evolution of Marketing

Living these days… is no walk in the Park. We are saddled with 10% unemployment. A lot of young families are burdened with debt and most household require two earners to make ends meet. Well, expect no favors from our corporate masters. On top of real-life issues we must, in today’s world, side-step pitfalls and mines to unravel a world of gimmickry and guise.

The Great Market Caper

Through a succession of heavy handed government intervention into the economy the stage has been set for an epic inflationary blow off followed by an equally epic financial crash. If you think 2008 was bad – when oil prices spiked over $140 per barrel and wheat prices rose 130 percent just before the whole financial system blew apart – you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Spain’s Economy: Austerity for the People

In FY 2010, Spain witnessed an unemployment rate of over 20%, the highest in Europe. To add to the woes of the working class, the country that was once known for its labor-friendly markets began contemplating sea-change in the relevant statutes that may mean limiting the role of the unions and collective bargaining, greater power to the organizations, easier retrenchment policies, and smaller severance packages.

How Does the Market Forecast Help?

It goes without saying that market forecast is the key element which plays a very important role in analyzing the market trends. With the help of it one can project or predict the future trends or numbers of the target market.

Spain’s Economy: Performance and Expectations

Spanish economy registered a negative growth of -3.6% in 2009. After a further contraction this year, OECD is pegging the growth rate at 0.9% in 2011 and 1.8% in 2012, against the Government’s expectation of 1.3% and 2.5%, respectively.

Peak Oil Scenario: Collapse of Civilization?

Is the Peak Oil phenomenon real, and is it “imminent”? Are we really facing the total collapse of the entire global economy, including, eventually, the electrical power grid with a mass die-off in global population in the years ahead?

2011 Economic Forecast – Part 2: The United States (US)

2010 is finally history. The economic recovery, which officially began in 2009, was scarcely evident as the US economy muddled through 2010. Sawtooth economic performance characterized the year with occasional good news, like the strong end to the 2010 Christmas shopping season, was nearly always countered by news of a set back, such as unemployment rates unexpectedly returning to nearly 10% during the same period. The government’s stimulus efforts have run their course. The TARP program is officially over and tax credits for new home buyers have all expired. The economy now has to perform on its own without all that artificial stimulation. Will conditions improve in 2011? Which direction will interest rates head and when? What impact will the depressed housing market have on the economy? Will gas prices rise again? And which direction will the unemployment rate head? Read on for my national forecast to find out!

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