Daily Wire Backstage: The Fall of The West

Money And The Bible

The American dream has turned out to be the American nightmare for many. What can Christians do in this day and age? Also here the Bible has some advice about society and money.

Yesterday’s Years

In this the winter of the Autumn of my years I often reflect upon not of what could have been but on the things that used to be but are no more. It is quite amazing how quickly times change. It seems like a life time ago I had my moments in the sun and yet as fleeting as those moments were the memories have always stood as if it was yesterday.

The World Trade Organisation

This article is a support resource for the ACCA P4 Advanced Financial Management exam syllabus. [ACCA] state P4 is ‘To apply relevant knowledge, skills and exercise professional judgement as expected of a senior financial executive or advisor, in taking or recommending decisions relating to the financial management of an organisation in private and public sectors.’ [ACCA]

The Coming Economic Depression of 2016

2016 will be a year of harsh economic changes. This article explores the reason for such changes and warns you about the potential consequences of an economic crash.

What Is The Looming Debt Default Wave And Will It Kill Us All?

If you’ve seen the movie “The Big Short,” then you know how complicated things can get. The bad news is that the world is bracing for another devastating financial event.

Will Lower Gas Prices Bring Economic Recovery?

As gas prices sink lower and lower, consumers are scratching their heads and wondering if this means the economy is about to rebound. That’s actually a good question that deserves an answer. Read on.

Why The Existence of Government Creates Moral Hazard And Destroys Delayed Gratification Skills

Governments are here to help, right? In the long run, they are the very things that destroy society.

Professor Franklin

Back in college there was an old Professor that stood tall in lecture halls. A billowing booming voice that could wake even the sleepiest of us sitting in those God forsaken wooden chairs back when Universities were so barren of all the technologies and convinces of today. I remember as though it was yesterday.

What Exactly Is An Industrial Complex?

Many people refer to industrial complexes as integral parts of society. But what exactly are they?

What’s The Reason For The Iran Nuclear Deal?

Everybody thinks President Obama is crazy for letting the Iranians get nukes. But he already told us the reason.

Is The United States Already In A Recession in 2016?

The definition of a recession in economic terms is two-consecutive quarters of retreating growth. Now then, we’ve seen some issues in the US, first, railroad profits and shipments are down, and the trucking industry isn’t selling very many new trucks (tractors) or trailers.

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