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Attention to Deficit Disorder

Standard & Poor’s declares France more solvent than the United States. Only smaller government can fix this.

Cause And Effect Of the Increase In Gas Prices

The increase in gas prices is a worldwide issue these days. There has been a tremendous increase in demand for energy across the globe due to increase in the industrialization and growth in population. We have limited resource supplies of energy; and demand outstrips supply. One of the most widely-used sources of energy is gas. It is used both for household and commercial purposes. But due to regular increases in gas prices consumers are trying to cut down on its use, or find a better deal.

Final Nail in the Economic Coffin

You are quite aware of the economic downturn over the last two years. So many people cannot get jobs, job layoffs are a daily occurrence, and small businesses are closing left and right. The situation is critical and this is a depression that is far worse then the one that occurred in the 1930’s.

QE Mini-Me, The Dollar and Inflation

Investors breathed a sigh of relief when Bernanke said the Federal Reserve would continue with an easier quantitative easing program by continuing to reinvest the interest and proceeds of the existing bonds in the Fed’s portfolio, essentially QE Mini-Me. Although this won’t be the flood of $110 Billion in stimulus per month, it will still add about $30 billion which is still music to traders ears.

Do We Need Government Invervention?

A very important question facing society today is whether or not we need government? Now this, at first, sounds like a very provocative question, yet the government and its effectiveness is in question – debatably more than ever. Since the dawn of civilization there have been those that have assumed that the government always knew what was best. Yet, at some point as government continues to grow and grow – people begin to ask themselves “is this much government really necessary?” Government spending is at an all time high, in the trillions, yet many don’t stop to question where the government gets its money and more importantly if it is the best arbiter of such money.

The Shrinking American Middle Class: Do You Want to Be the RICH or the POOR?

What set America apart from Europe and other countries is their “middle class”. Most countries in the world your either wealthy or poor. The economics of the country dictates that in the future we will have a society of the “haves” and the “have not’.

Corn Is Becoming Gold-Like On The World Market

The United States is the number one producer of corn in the world. We grow twice as much as second place China and more than the rest of the top ten combined. An important food commodity in countries around the globe, corn is also an ingredient in many processed food and in many non-foods products we use daily. American farmers will plant a record 92 billion acres of corn in this crop year. But there is a problem.

Hyperinflation Is Coming: What to Expect

Hyperinflation refers to an economical situation where the price increases are uncontrollable. When the inflation rate is extremely rapid, it is a sign that hyperinflation is coming. It is a devastating phenomenon that affects the world economy.

Are Grocery Workers on Their Way Out Through the Self-Checkout Unemployment Line?

Everyone could use a bit of career advice, but it seems these days that unions could use the most. During times of unemployment anyone who has a job ought to perhaps consider themselves lucky and not be so boisterous or demanding. However, the unions don’t always see it that way, and they’ll often go out of their way to make their voices heard to continue to receive the proper pay or increase their benefits.

Give Us Back Our Sovereign Economy!

If the majority of rank-and-file American citizens continue to buy gasoline at unreasonably exorbitant, continually rising prices, the current fuel dilemma is only going to get worse. By docilely doing exactly what the federal government wants Americans to do, to just buy the gas, it’s only a blatant admission that the global economy has whipped the sovereign People of the United States; and it is evidenced when gas prices are over 4 dollars per gallon and the gas lines are filled and overflowing. It’s a statement of concession to the gas moguls, to the Federal Reserve, and to an impotent…

There’s Something Fishy in the Massachusetts State Lottery

My brother witnessed me scratch my first ticket. Though the mechanism of scratching is hardly difficult, I managed to mess up one part of the code by uncovering the prizes for all of my numbers.

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