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The Founding of the Middle Colonies The founding of the Middle Colonies has its own history, as well. The Dutch found these areas on their quest westward to the Indies. An Englishman, Captain Henry Hudson, was sent and soon located the Hudson River, which led to Indians living along the shoreline.

Addressing Scarcity Complex With Respect to Privately Funded Primary Education in India

Primary and Secondary education at private institutions in urban India is generally expensive. Unfortunately not every school delivers consistent quality education to the level that the price promises. But schools regardless of quality seem to be able to attract promising and eligible students. The best institutions get their early bird students and their seats fill up fast. Those not among the best also get their share of bright students. These capable kids were probably refused admission at preferred schools because they ran out of seats or had concerns about parents’ income criteria. An artificial sense of scarcity pervades and this probably contributes to the relative price inelasticity of demand of urban middle class population. This can be ameliorated if the supply side is augmented. Thus, if more private players can be encouraged to bring up new quality schools, they can help raise competition and lower prices by removing artificial scarcity. Economic incentives may be provided to these institutions so that they can sustain quality education consistently. Thus, while price of education will fall, quality will go up.

Abraham Lincoln’s Fiscal Cliff

When Abraham Lincoln ran for the presidency, the nation was nearly debt-free. As a candidate, his economic policies were simple and straightforward. He campaigned for the establishment of a national bank in response to a rolling series of local bank failures. He also urged higher tariffs to help finance the government and expand the country’s rail lines -some of the same railroads he had represented as an attorney. His policies may have been well-intended, but they helped spark the Civil War.

Interested in Interest Rates?

There are millions of people all over the world who are living on or are close to the bread line. If every country paid back what it owed to whomever it borrowed from, the interest market would fold up and that would cause a downturn in the economy because, the interest rates are like the cream on the top of a bottle of milk.

Should We Just Let the Sequestration Happen?

The deficit spending craze we are enduring will bankrupt this country and leave our children a failed legacy. Politicians can find nothing to agree on besides raising revenues. Revenues are not the problem — massive deficit spending it.

More QE Will Make Things Worse

Why more QE will not work. This is the same failed strategy they’ve already tried twice before.

Bobblehead, Dual-Pendulum Toys Promote STEM Education to Fix Nation’s Problems

Our Nation’s government and leaders strongly promote and invest in STEM education to help solve country’s troubles. Invoking mysterious gravity and mystical energy, dual pendulums, a new invention, employ familiar physical realities, such as push, pull, flex, eneract, and sense, to introduce and symbolize STEM education. Fun, bobblehead, dual-pendulum novelties crafted with hockey pucks and fishing line both entertain people and illustrate the four fields of STEM: science, technology, engineering, & math. They entertain, enlighten, puzzle, & inspire people of almost all ages and persuasions, teenagers up.

Iced! NHL Lockout Has Taken a Serious Toll

This article looks at the financial toll of the National Hockey League’s contract dispute on players, teams, and the cities those teams call home. The ripple effects of the lockout are staggering, especially for the host cities.

Thank You, Ben Bernanke

Fed policy means an ultra-cheap mortgage now. We may pay later with higher inflation.

Fiscal Cliff Looms

If there ever was a dominating headline of the day – it is this one. Are we really supposed to think that there is some point in time in the near future where we just fall off the face of the earth? Didn’t some explorer figure out that the earth is round centuries ago?

We Need To Bring Industry Back To The United States

The First industrial revolution in the USA was form (1820-1870) that is 50 years of growing industry, Eli Williams in 1789 has the idea to make interchangeable parts for the musket. If the parts were made by machine they could be assembled much quicker, therefore getting them on the market faster. In business quick money is good money, and that is exactly what this idea done for the musket industry. They now had a much faster way to generate revenue. This really took off during that second American industrial revolution.

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