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About Online Paralegal Certificate As an Entry Level Qualification

An online paralegal certificate is not enough as an entry level qualification into the legal profession. Although lawyers are in the end responsible for all legal services they do for their clients, the volume of legal work and scope is so vast that the necessity for well trained legal assistants is now inevitable.

How Mauritian Tourism Copes With the Depreciation of Euro

The Mauritian Minister of Tourism, Mr Nanda Bhoda, has announced that he prefers to adopt the strategy of targeting the long term than devaluating the Rupee in accordance to the depreciation of Euro. The Minister will urgently establish an economic unit within his department in collaboration with the Minister of finance.

An Important Talk About the Economy

The most important talks I have ever had with my father have been around the fire pit. There is something about sitting around the fire pit at night that eases his mind. This makes talking to him a lot easier, as he is not often the most laid back individual in the world.

Trust – Selves Vs Sales

We, as the human species, are much, much more powerful and self-directed than we imagine ourselves to be. If left to our own raw instincts, we would almost always know what choices to make in any given situation.

The Economy – Who’s to Blame?

It’s amazing, with the economy in a slump, people losing jobs and our GDP in the dump compared to interest payments on our national debt barely showing any rebound we continue to support foreign products. We ask, “Who’s to blame?” Take a long hard look in the mirror, and then take a look at what’s in your shopping cart.

False Economies in a Recession

Daft things to do in a recession. It defies logic but, just when sales are difficult to come by, many business owners cut back on the very activity that delivers sales.

Why the Cost Cutting Mentality Won’t Revive the Economy

Our governments and the corporate sector rule everything economic – and the average person doesn’t get much of a say but when it begins to hit home in the form of unemployment, lack of money for necessities and a lack of ability have savings, then it starts to get personal. This article shows how the cost cutting mentality is adding to people’s pain and how it can never work in the long term. It is slowly strangling our civilization, bit by bit.

What Can We Learn From the Economic Crisis?

Credit where credit is due, every cloud has a silver lining, yes I said silver not gold! The economic crisis now raging across the world was if you tugged very abruptly the rug we have all been standing upon and has left many feeling wobbly, or even worse, on the floor. It has in actual fact raised many questions about our individual and collective security.

GDP Growth Slows in the First Quarter

Increased confidence in the economy may be reflected in the latest figures released by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Gross domestic product increased by 3.2 percent during the first quarter of 2010, its third consecutive quarter increase. Heightened consumer spending helped to boost this figures, while prices of the goods and services accountable for this spending slowed.

Tough Decisions to Overcome Tough Times

David Cameron’s call for tough measures, austerity and slashed expenditure to overcome the enormous fiscal deficit comes as no surprise; a Prime Minister saddled with a 156 billion pound deficit could not have acted differently. While his speech placing the entire blame on Labour’s door may seem typical of a politician, what is heartening is his no nonsense observations on how these steps are going to inflict more pain than anticipated and for a longer time span than what anyone bargained for. It is reminiscent of Churchill’s promise of blood, sweat and tears to Brits besieged by the Second World…

Has Humpty Dumpty Recovered?

All the king’s horses and all the kings’ men have been trying so hard to put Humpty back together again. So now that we are 18 months past the initial 911 call, how is the patient?

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