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The Future of the Iraqi Dinar

As a new Iraqi government beings to form, what will hold for the future of the Iraqi dinar? Will the dinar be revalued? If so, when?

Germany’s Explosive Export Growth – Is it Real?

German corporations have helped boost their economy by 2.2% growth in mid-2010. This was hailed as good news in the Eurozone, and may help boost future investment in Germany itself. But are these figures real, and what is the truth behind the “made in Germany” label?

What is the Secret of India’s Current Economic Success?

India is becoming a growing economic power and continues to grow despite an uncertain global economy. What is the secret of India’s current economic success, and Why has it become a future business modal for other developing Countries?

The World’s “Safest Economy”?

I’ve been doing some reading and research on markets and trends and recently landed upon some excellent information. I’ve always been a big fan of Canada (in fact I was almost born there myself). I have personally spent a good portion of time in the Western parts (British Columbia and Alberta) for both professional and personal reasons.

The Future Development of Guangzhou

Due to the important geographical position and the historical reasons, Guangzhou is an important city for China from the perspective of economy. No matter in ancient times or modern times, Guangzhou played an important role for the whole economical development.

Is the Economy Really Recovering?

After a rocky period, right now the US economy seems to finally be doing better. Corporate profits the first quarter of 2010 increased to almost $117 billion over the fourth quarter of 2009, when corporate profits were almost $109 billion.

What Happened to the Mid Market?

Since the post war boom business school professors, marketers and business leaders operated under the belief that there were three distinct consumer segments in the US market. The Luxury segment that accounted for five to ten percent of the market, the mid or mass market that accounted for sixty to seventy percent and the low end or commodity segment which accounted for twenty to thirty percent of the market. The classic bell shaped curve.

What is Syndicalism?

Syndicalism is an economic model wherein all businesses must be formed as worker owned cooperatives. These cooperatives would not allow outside owners or investors, and would give all employees part ownership in the company as well as a democratic say in how the business is run. The article explains the concept in greater detail.

Current Global Economic Issues – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Having a Global Economy

In order to get a better understanding of the current global economic issues that have led to the current global recession we have to look at the history and the overall impacts of these trends on our economic health. Many critics have stepped out to say that globalization has made the poor poorer and the rich richer. Actually there is compelling evidence that this is, in fact the case.

Start of Financial Crisis – A Chain of Events Leading Up to the Current Global Recession

What caused the start of financial crisis as our global recession? The first main sign was the occurrence of the mortgage bubble burst. Rather than expressing it as a bubble burst, one can say it was more like a sack of rotten tomatoes that tore open unexpectedly, dumping them all on our heads. Although more than a decade of warning signals from educated scholars and economics tried to alert us of this upcoming problem, the mortgage burst still hit us with quite a shock. We just didn’t realize the magnitude of the problem. For more about the timeline of events that led to our global financial crisis, read on.

Is It Just Me Or Are Groceries Getting More Expensive – That’s Inflation Right?

Everyone is talking about deflation, and people say there’s no inflation going on, but that really isn’t true, especially if you been to the grocery store lately. Have you noticed lately that even when you go to the grocery store for just a few items, you end up spending quite a bit of money, and you look at the receipt and you don’t how can that can be, as you only bought a few items? The reality is the grocery stores have been really good at putting 99 at the end of every price.

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