Daily Wire Exposes Loudoun County Sexual Assault Scandal

Can We Agree On Just One Thing?

There is no greater economic error of our time than to persist with the assumption that Earth’s resources and services are so abundant they can be treated as infinite and excluded from the price function. The free market is distorted by treating the Earth’s resources and atmosphere as the thing that is “free”. Can we agree on just one thing to put that right?

Act Now Or Your Savings Will Be Stolen!

Do you feel like you are being lied to? Do you no longer believe the media’s spin that “all is well with the economy”? It seems everyone is out of work, your neighbors are on food stamps, another lost their home to foreclosure and still another lost their business and are claiming bankruptcy. Our nation no longer produces anything and all around you see nothing but empty store fronts or a new pawn shop on the corner. What is really happening and what should you do?

Unexpected Results of Technology

Back in the 1970’s, in the middle of an energy crisis, when “power to the people” was chanted by hippies like me on college campuses, E.F. Schumacher published “Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Mattered.”. It was a small book, but its subject still rings in my ears several decades later. Why has our much lauded age of technology resulted in such stressful and dangerous times?

Do Austerity Measures Really Work?

A 23% increase in the sales tax and wage cut up to 15%! This is in Ireland! When the government sees no other method to hold the country stable then they adopt austerity measures, or it can be said that austerity measure adoption shows that the government has failed with its administration and strategies.

Iceland, No Longer The Butt Of Jokes!

When Iceland faced the failure of their big banks the populace declined their request for public bail outs. Five term president Ragnur Grimssom listened to his populace and allowed the failure default. Today Iceland prospers and is experiencing somewhat of a Renaissance!

What Was the European Union – A Question Future History Students Will Ask

The European Union was destined to fail from the beginning as many had predicted. Milton Friedman predicted it would fail by 1992, he missed his target. In 2011 Greenspan also predicted that it wouldn’t last as their fixes after the global financial crisis was not enough, and the countries could not agree on what needed to be done. Well, it’s still going, or is it? The reality is the EU doesn’t look long for this world.

Reserve Currency, But for How Long?

How come the US can print money, and then put that debt on the plus side of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet? Well, because when they lend it into existence, they supposedly get money back in interest, and the reason they can print so much money without over inflating or hyper inflating our economy here at home is because of our severe trade deficits (poor government economic policies). What we are doing now is inflating other country’s economies which in turn will help balance our trade deficit. Remember it is a global economy now.

Components of Water and Its Uses

Water, as a chemical compound, is chemically formulated as H2O. A single molecule of water contains one and two molecules of hydrogen and oxygen respectively. The two are covalently linked together to form water. Basically, at the standard atmospheric pressure and temperature, water exists in the form of liquid. In most cases, on earth, it exists as solid in the form of ice while in its gaseous state, in the form of steam or water vapor.

Delivery Service Drivers Are Integral Part of Business

Drivers might not always be treated as well as a banker or an accountant. But they have tremendous responsibility in performing their jobs. Rain or shine, dedicated driver team heads out each day and deliver our business promises, in person with problem solving skills, logical thinking skills and a sharp mind for planning and execution of deliveries…

HARP 2.0 Is a Welcome Relief to Struggling Homeowners

A boom in HARP 2.0 refinances is providing the much needed relief for homeowners who are underwater on their mortgage payments or who are otherwise unable to refinance. According to the Federal Housing Finance Agency, homeowners taking advantage of HARP have been saving on average a total of $250.

The Impact of Unemployment on Social Security

Welcome to the new “no work ethic”. It came to light recently that a judge in the disability courts in Mississippi never denied a claim. He was removed from the bench. Between lax applications of requirements and attorneys taking advantage of existing laws, our Social Security Administration Fund is being rapidly depleted.

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