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The Identity Bank (DNA)

The Program for the “Participative Administration”. The maximum grade, or level of life that can reach a society or civilized Town, consists on being able to implement in its governments, the Participative System of Administration, since in that way The people demonstrates that is able to administer theirs resources in to Self-sufficient way and never is committed will see the patrimony publishes, in but of 50%, That which guarantees that the I.P.B. it is distributed with “Total Equity social’.

End Of Poverty

You have heard it all before. You have heard the stories of starving children and African villages and abandonment and violence and crime and food banks and aid agencies. Somehow, for many people, it’s stopped being sexy and new. And, sadly, in this world, sexy and new is what sells. Of course, it’s all understandable. Can someone who was just fired from a job really care about impoverished people in a foreign country, thousands of miles away?

If Things Are Getting Better, Why Are We So Miserable?

You have heard by now that the recession is officially over. Do you feel like celebrating? Probably not. This week’s announcement from the National Bureau of Economic Research confirmed what we already knew, which is that the Great Recession has been over for quite a while – officially, now, since June 2009.

School Closings Do Not Mean A Better Education

The main rationale given for school closings are based upon the under utilization of the classrooms. My main problem with this logic is that the quality of education should be the ultimate concern, not a percentage of building utilization.

America’s Federal Deficit Is Not The Problem! It’s Spending!

The real problem is federal spending! Politicians running for reelection only offer emergency room treatment for America’s addiction.

Nehru Era of Indian Economy

“But for him, India would have felt much less the winds of change that had been blowing over the world; he made us aware of them and also more receptive. Yet he failed his people in so far as he could not adequately execute the great mandate he had from them because he just was not relentless enough. He was our beautiful but ineffectual angel, beating his beautiful wings largely in vain.

Economic Recession Tips – Insights From A Financial Guru That Can Help You Protect Yourself

The current economic recession has had a tremendous negative impact on this country. Few among the shrinking middle class would disagree with this assessment. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening more and more. Jobs are scarce, recovery is a joke, and the outlook leaves much to be desired. So what can you do? Are there answers to these problems? Let me take the opportunity to share some recession tips I culled from one of America’s top financial gurus.

The Recession Cycle – Take A Closer Look At Why Recessions Happen

When people talk about the recession cycle they are talking about contraction and economic slowdown of the business cycle. This cycle is characterized by a number of big-picture or macroeconomic indications including drops in GDP, employment, inflation, household incomes, investment spending, and more. The bottom line is that there is less to go around during a recession than during prosperous periods.

The Economic Crisis and the $780 Billion Economic Recovery Stimulus Package

By 2009, the US economy was suffering greatly. Unemployment was on the rise, and the country was officially in recession. Understanding what happened is difficult, but one of the main problems involved housing loans. Homes are expensive, and when people want to buy one, they generally take out a mortgage, or home loan, from a bank.

The Fed

What or who and where is the Fed? Is it a system? Is it a governmental body?

Importance Of Economics

Economics deals with the laws and principles which govern the functioning of an economy and its various parts. An economy exists because of two basic facts. Firstly, human wants for goods and services are unlimited and secondly, productive resources with which to produce goods and services are scarce.

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