Dave Rubin Reacts to His Most Viral Moments

David Cameroon Defends His Stance

David Cameroon hint that his strategy is not going to drift and be replaced by an emergent strategy regarding his decision to block an EU-wide treaty change to tackle eurozone crisis, even despite the fear that his stance will leave the UK singled out. Unlike rest of the Euro-Countries who have agreed to a tight budget rules,the UK Government has decides not to be a part of those. An opposition party namely “Labour party” warned that UK will not be a part of the key decisions in the future which are likely…

Stand Up on Your Two Hind Feet and Do Something About Our Economy

Americans are frustrated with the state of the economy. It seems that our politicians just can’t get it right. What we need in the US is jobs. Protest are becoming common on the capitol steps and in our city parks. Americans want to do something. Our money is our power, we can effect change whether Washington wants true change or not. We can change the economy by buying only American made products.

The Academic Roots Of Progressivism

It all started when America decided to hire an erudite professor – a guy who sold things like hope and change, a guy who sounded smart when he said not-so-smart things, a guy who looked better than his Republican opponents – to the presidency. They wanted a change. They just forgot that, when things change, they might get worse – not better….

Ireland’s Household Charge Guide

These are the details of the new Household Charge – a new Property Tax that were announced in Budget 2012 and will be introduced in Ireland from January 2012. The Bill has yet to be passed into Law – but it was passed in the Dail on Dec 14th.

How Do You Take Charge of Your Life – Is It Important To You

The wealth inequity that is currently destroying our democracy is also taking away our control over our own lives. When we do not have the basic financial level required to choose healthy foods, to live in a warm dry space, to get the health care we need when we do need it, we are not in control of our lives. When there are not enough living wage jobs for people and the cost of goods, education and health care sky rocket out of reach for most people, we lose more of the control we should have in our lives.

October Housing Scorecard

Each month, the Obama Administration releases a Housing Scorecard that gives a snapshot of a variety of market indicators including home values, mortgage rates, and market saturation. The Scorecard is a way for the Administration, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the general public to track the recovery of our nation’s housing market. For the last several months, the Scorecard has been mixed. That trend continued in October.

Theory and Reality – How and Why Do Economic Cycles Influence Our Lives?

When times are tough, we start to question ourselves: why? Why do we deserve it? How long will it last? Will this be repeated in the future? Let’s try to get to the bottom of what underlies an economic crisis and draw conclusions.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Occupy Wall Street

While we have not arrived at the destination of a new world we are making progress. We (the majority) are waking up. The elite (the minority) are aware of this.

Unemployed – Are They Facing Hiring Biases

The buzz about the unemployed being discriminated against is ridiculous. Especially during such difficult economic times. What is one to do if they’re unable to work, how do you feed your family, or even have a descent place to live. Discriminating against the unemployed is a terrible things that needs to stop now!

End Game for the Euro With the Dollar Next in Line

It’s quite obvious that there are quite a few Wall Street Bankers who have been getting richer and richer during this economic crisis, while your friends and family members have not. You can also profit from the economic chaos regardless of your financial situation, provided you know how.

Why $1.2 Trillion Is No Big Deal

Banks helped themselves to $1.2 trillion in loans at the Fed’s discount window, and they made money in the process. So what’s the problem?

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