DEBATE: Should the Red States Secede?

What a Degree in Business – Economics Can Do For You

While many people choose to pursue a degree in a general business category, others choose to focus their interest into a specific degree. One of these options is a Business in Economics degree. This degree can be applied to many different positions within the economic, financial, insurance, or consulting areas.

Corporate Social Responsibility in India

This is my opinion on the proposal by the government to form a new companies bill mandating 2% CSR spending for the companies having INR 5 crores or more profit in the last three years. I want to highlight it’s negative effect on our economy.

Working Hard Vs. Working Smart

When people get asked what builds prosperity, the most frequent response is “working hard.” That however is not always the case. India has a billion people, most of whom work hard, and most of whom are poor.

Streamlining the United State’s Federal Goverment Spending

The term to “starve the beast” is a strategy by conservatives to limit government spending by lowering taxes with the aim of a depriving the government of revenue hence forcing it to reduce spending. In this case the united states federal government and the programs it funds like welfare,social security and Medicare are referred to as ‘the b east’ and will not generally refer to spending on military or law enforcement prisons.

Malthus and Innovation

One of the most hated figures in economics is Malthus. Malthus claimed that, since population increased exponentially – and land available for cultivation increases algebraically – the world would become overpopulated, and everyone would become poorer. His solution to that was that people exercise “moral restraint” in how many sexual intercourses they have.

Globalization – Is It Good?

‘Globalization’ is known by many names. It is known as Internationalization, Liberalization, Universalization, Deterritorialization, Modernization or Westernization and many others. By whatever name it may be called, it has led to trade liberalization that has benefited both developed and developing countries. It has increased the global relationships of economic, people and cultural activities through the process of technology, politics and trade. The world ceases to exist as divided territories and seems more like a common land without any barriers. Today it is a predominating system shaping domestic politics, foreign relations nearly every country. It is often compared to fire because fire is neither good nor bad, depends on how you use. If you use fire properly, it will cook food for you, sterilize equipment, heat your home, form iron and many others. If you use carelessly you will be destroyed. It is incredibly coercive and incredibly empowering. It can democratize panic and democratize opportunity.

What Will Your Life Be Like in 2030?

The daily news is filled with stories about serious threats that could grow worse in the future. Yet, such pessimism has usually been unfounded in the past. What are the reasons for optimism today?

Trade Deficit Economic Philosophical Challenge

Okay so, first I’d like to ask my reader not to shoot the messenger for merely putting forth this observation. You see, I did not produce the global economy, nor was I involved in the corruption which lopsided it. Nevertheless, I’ve a few things to say.

Where All The Bonds Are Investment Grade

We knew about lies, damned lies and statistics. Where do opinions and credit ratings fall?

An Overview of Indian Poverty

India is attaining a world-wide superpower status. Though it has progressed in diversified spheres including technology, education, agriculture, and much more, still there’s a long way to go. The World Bank, which defines poverty as existence on less than $1.25 a day, says that the Indian poverty rate has been reduced from 60% to 42% between 1981 and 2012. Needless to say, poverty symbolizes threat for the nation and human rights, simultaneously. Though there are few welfare campaigns initiated by the government, there’s a lot to do to eradicate poverty at the macro scale.

Will This Be the Last Human Federal Reserve Chairman – Woman, Are AI Computers Next In Line?

In summer of 2013 there seemed to be a debate of who might take over the leadership of the Federal Reserve as Ben Bernanke is done his tenure. There were two main names floated, one Larry Summers was formerly with the Obama Administration, and a very competent lady, and if put forth as the new Federal Reserve Chief (chairwomen), she’d be the first woman to serve as the head of a Central Bank – which is a huge glass ceiling to be broken at some future point. Let’s talk.

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