Democrats Bypassing Filibuster to Push Through Radical Agenda!

The Answer to Rising Inflation

Remember in the 1980s when interest rates were at an ungodly 20%? Thirty-seven years from today, we may look back on 2016 in the same way… as the year interest rates truly bottomed.

The Big Oil Squeeze

Black gold’s roller-coaster ride has been frustrating for many investors. But cost-saving decisions made over the past couple years are going to send oil roaring back in a big way.

The Dollar Crash Is Coming

U.S. corporations have roughly $2 trillion sitting in foreign banks. But the Trump repatriation plan to bring it home could sink the U.S. dollar…

Whose Fault Is It for the Black Community’s Downfall?

The black community has been in a downward spiral since the welfare boom of the 60’s and 70’s. Our dollars do not circulate among each other and there is no trust. Does this tragedy fall on the shoulders of the men or women of the community?

The Demise of American Manufacturing

Manufacturing doesn’t command the same presence it once did, but it supports a healthy middle class and the overall economy. But a new body in the Oval Office isn’t going to stop the collapse.

Inflation: The Most Dangerous Chinese Export

There’s a new pattern emerging that’s going to change the economic ballgame. It’s called inflation, and while it’s been absent in recent years, it’s gaining a troubling foothold in China.

The Real Threat to the Economy

The real threat to the world’s economy is the pile of global private debt that’s unconnected to tangible goods and services. And sooner or later, everyone is going to recognize that this debt has no value because there’s nothing it can buy in the real world.

Hillary Clinton Has A 64-Page Economic Plan – Communist Manifesto PDF Only 62 Pages

The other day I was at a library bookstore and found a copy of the Communist Manifesto, it was a pocket-sized little red book and 94-pages. I thought to myself how far our nation has come towards those scary ideals over the past few decades. Communism is about the most intense scheme against the individual – liberties and freedoms – that anyone could possibly dream up. To those living under it, somehow it makes sense to them, of course their lens of perception is often skewed by a lifetime and generations of indoctrination. Anyway, I took my little red-book to Starbucks and read through it, much of it I had remembered from school years the prior.

Is Gentrification The New Manifest Destiny?!

Discussing the similarities and differences between gentrification and manifest destiny. As well as the hidden long-term effects of gentrification.

A REAL Wellness Case for Eliminating Tax Exemptions for All Religions

A fortune is lost annually to the American economy owing to the tax-exempt status of the business of religion in America. This essay describes the nature of the problem and suggests how things might be otherwise. The reader will see that the problems with the current privileged status of religion go well beyond economic damages.

Collapsing Global Trade Growth Foreshadows Crash

The World Trade Organization (WTO) just lowered its trade growth forecast for this year and next. With central banks out of stimulus options, the time to prepare for a crash is now.

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