Democrats Try to Name One Thing Biden Has Accomplished This Year

In 2008, Did The Markets Fail, Or Did Government and Business?

Liberty is not a clean and easy thing to sustain. So we must be diligent in our continuing efforts to create an environment of freedom where people, individually acting, are allowed to make their own decisions. This article is part of the continuing series on financial literacy that’s necessary to sustain liberty.

Raw Materials Threatening

The raw material prices may become an additional threat to the nascent recovery in the advanced economies, the most damaged by this protracted crisis. Both the prices of industrial commodities such as food are experiencing the highs of recent years. The intensity of the demand for more dynamic emerging economies, China and India most notably, is one of the causes are probably more important, though by no means unique. Distortions in the functioning of the respective markets and speculation by traders specialized investment funds may also help clarify these recurrent tensions in prices. In the case of food, poor harvests recorded last year in the major producing countries have also played a significant role in shaping the final prices. It is still disturbing that the price of wheat has risen over 80% last year.

2011 Debt Crisis and the Economic Outlook in Europe

2011 in Germany, France and other euro-zone economy, driven by major countries, GDP growth will be close to 2%, a slight improvement over 2010. Spain does not need outside help currently, even if Spain needed help, the European Union, IMF and the European Central Bank will also aid as soon as possible to prevent the spread of the crisis.

Economic Trilemmas

I was discussing with a church-mate on Friday regarding the Monetary Policy Trilemma (one of the basics of economics). His amazement made me realise that not many of us really understand economics or its impact upon policies dictated by countries.

Money: Gold and Silver, or Paper and Plastic?

“Money” of any kind obviously represents the fruit of our labors, because we trade our labors to get it. Of course, most of us really could not care less what form the money comes in, as long as we can spend it. However, when it comes to savings-or storing the “fruit” of our labors for future consumption-its form surely does matter.

Mohegan City Reassured Their Plan of Casino in Palmer

The state government of Massachusetts being desperate for more revenues is going approve some new bills in its next formal session which is expected to begin on January next. And with this legislation issue Mitchell G. Etess, the chief executive officer and president of the Mohegan Sun casino in Uncasville, Connecticut has assured that they are on the track of their plan to build a resort casino at Massachusetts Turnpike Exit 8.

Cordish Plans to Open Temporary Gambling House In the Garage Early Next Year

David Cordish, the developer of the upcoming largest casino in Maryland said that they have a plan to install 2000 slot machines on the ground floor to run their casino business on a temporary basis. The projected time for the opening of the temporary casino is late 2011.

December Unemployment Rate – Lies and Job Statistics

The December Unemployment Rate came in at 9.4% on Friday, and the Obama administration and its fawning media are doing public cartwheels. Certainly a 9.4% jobless rate looks like an improvement over last month’s 9.8%, but with apologies to Mark Twain, there are three types of lies: lies, damn lies and job statistics.

The Future for Africa – Something Fishy

Although Africa is the natural home of the tilapia fish, the continent is making little impact on the US’s very huge appetite for the fish. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the US consumed 404 million pounds of imported tilapia in 2009, up from 298 in 2005. For the continent to survive and diversify its economy, it has to go back to the basis, agriculture!

An Economic View of New Zealand

In this article you will learn more about how the New Zealand economy works and how it can impact the new immigrant to New Zealand. We discuss the monetary system as well as the factors that influence the currency. You will also learn what the major industries are that drive the Kiwi economy.

The Texas Miracle – Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

A budget crisis is looming in Texas. Look for budget cuts and what this means for the future of the State of Texas.

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