Dennis Quaid’s INCREDIBLE Ronald Reagan Impression

Let’s Stop Trashing Capitalism – Financial Reform Law for the Birds

Oh, as a capitalist I go round and round with some of the Democrats, or what I label as liberal-socialists these days over economic issues. Now we have a new Financial Reform Bill, one we are promised with stop the next economic crisis, and bubble bursting calamity. Indeed, indeed, or should I say doubtful.

What Rhymes With Hyperinflation?

So that’s where we are at present: we have gold on the rise, paper money on the ropes and powerless central bankers cowering in their vaults. Oh, and the politicians are pretending to everyone that they have a solution to all of this, either, as in America, by adding more debt to existing debt (‘stimulus’), or as in the UK and parts of Europe, by claiming that the enormous debts we’ve run up can be paid off with a bit of belt-tightening. They’re both wrong – the debt is just too big and they’ve already lost the war.

Can Superman Rescue Parochial Schools?

For more than 80 years, the Holy Spirit Catholic School in the Bronx has stood across the street from Public School 26. Now, however, it’s unclear how many Catholic schools will be able to afford to keep their doors open to the next generation of students. Catholic schools across the country have been forced to close due to declining enrollment and lack of funds.

If The Recession Is Over, What Does This Mean To New Seniors?

The government announced that the country is out of the Great Recession. In fact, it’s said that the recovery occurred last year. Funny, but many New Seniors haven’t noticed anything that might suggest the economy is better today than it was when the current group of politicians took office nearly two years ago. How about you?

Social Security Benefits for Both Individuals and Society Is a Partnership

The first obligation of a society is to secure its children, and then all its other members against the onslaughts of nature and man, against starvation, thirst, disease, voracious predators, against death. Our children require this social security if they are to live and grow. Social security benefits society itself, for without security, society will deteriorate. Take away social security and the individual has little use for society: social security is an important factor that makes society valuable.

Beware of Trade Wars – US, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, and China – Here We Go Again!

Are we being dragged into a global trade war due to China’s economic trade policies? Yes, I believe so, and it’s going to be a huge problem. China wants to win at trade, but will not adjust its winnings to what is fair for all concerned.

Exchange Rates in Business

The exchange rate is the amount of a currency one can receive in exchange for another currency. Determining the rate is loosely based on purchasing power parity which is about comparing the cost of the same products in different countries. By comparing the cost of the same product one can find out the comparative value of their currency and determine the exchange rate.

Wal-Mart Goes To Germany

This article will traverse the before and after affects of Wal-Mart’s attempt to gain a strong foothold in Germany. Wal-Mart has done very well in North America and many of Wal-Mart’s leaders thought that they could use the exact same success formula in Germany; however that was not the case. There were several factors that contributed to the initial failure of Wal-Mart’s in Germany including language barriers, government, and cultural differences.

Complexity of Chaos in Free Markets and Physicists Considered

The Futurists Magazine and many of the futurists in the group often believe they can predict the future and move their minds to believe that in this illustrious future, science will allow for the running of a perfect Utopia. But in retrospect and studying the past – this is not what we find at all. Generally, in retrospect almost none of the predictions made a decade ago are true today.

Saying No to Standard Overdraft Protection – Link to Your Savings Bank Account Instead

The new consumer friendly reforms that the government has pushed down the throats of the banks have taken effect. And do the banks ever hate it! No more are they going to be able to sign you on for overdraft protection without your permission and charge you a $35 overdraft fee each time you spend more than what you have in your bank with your debit card or a check.

Untapped Potential for FMCG Cos

India’s FMCG sector is the fourth largest in the economy, with a market size of over Rs 110,000 crore (around USD 22 billion) and is estimated to grow to over Rs 185,000 crore (around USD 37 billion) by 2014. The lower-middle income group accounts for over 60% of the sales for the sector. Rural markets account for 56% of the total domestic FMCG demand. Several global FMCG majors have been present in the country for many decades. However, in the last decade, many smaller-rung Indian FMCG companies have gained in scale. As a result, the unorganized and regional players have witnessed erosion in market share.

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