Did Joe Biden really save Christmas?

The Middle Class Family and The Recession

Middle class families have really found themselves on the wrong side of the economy after the recession hit the western countries and the rest of the world. The socioeconomic statuses of these families have changed for the worst though it seems that it is going to take a while before life comes back to normalcy.

The US Debt

As of this year, the United States debt reached over $14 trillion and nearly two-thirds of this amount is regarded as the public debt. For individuals who do not understand much about our current economic woes, read this article to gain a clear understanding of our debt.

Funding for Affordable Housing Trust Fund Uncertain

The housing and financial crises that sent the United States into a deep recession had many causes. One that was common to both was the practice of approving mortgages for people who, just a few short years prior, would not have qualified. In some instances, applicants did not even have to prove their income.

Who Says There Are No Jobs?

Despite record levels of unemployment, we all know, of course, that our president is on the case. He’s the Jobs President… if you don’t believe it, just ask him, or any of his sycophantic Demediacrats! But only those who are sufficient Biblical scholars to have heard of Job (with a capital “J”) understand that it’s really a case of mispronunciation of the vowel….

Rising Prices of Gas in the UK

Firstly we must understand that the prices of gas are drawn from the amount used in Winter rather than Summer. Despite the rises occuring in Summer the major companies are thinking about the coming Winter in when they decide to increase their prices.

Made in the USA ‘Ripple’ Effect

Have you ever heard people say you should buy products that are made in the USA, but wondered to yourself, ‘who cares if the stuff I buy is American made, foreign made goods are usually easier on my wallet’. The reason why buying American made is important, is because of the ‘ripple’ effect manufacturing has on the United States economy.

2011 – The Current Economic Indicators and the Economy Growth in 2011

Internationally, the United States is considered as the most powerful and the largest economy as per the current economic indicators and the economy growth in 2011. The US economy is hugely based on financial market behavior where business firms and private individuals make the decisions. There are a few key economic indicators that predict the future of a particular economy.

New Fuel Efficiency Guidelines Divide the Trucking Industry

This article contains information on the new fuel efficiency guidelines set forth by the Obama Administration and how they will effect the trucking industry. From thousands of dollars for upgrades to gaining customers due to lowered fuel costs, this article will tackle all of the topics associated with these new fuel regulations.

Renewing Limited Government

The whole idea behind America is that, at least with regard to daily life in a temporal world, the people can rule themselves. The nation’s founders, in establishing the framework for this great experiment (which is what it was, 235 years ago), realized that government would grow to fill all unguarded space in terms of power, and therefore they worked hard to set up a constitutional system of “limited” government….

American Debt Crises Overview

The American economy has remained the pioneer of capitalism which realigned global trade across international borders. Today, countries are brought to the forefront of international partnerships and cooperative agreements on the basis of their economic performance.

Cleveland Gaining a New Industry

Downtown Cleveland has been rocked by giant explosions, sending hundreds of people running for cover and torching dozens of cars. Thick black smoke winds upwards, darkening the view from skyscraper window.  The streets are littered with rubble and storefronts will have to be rebuilt.

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