Did the New York Times slander Sarah Palin?

Greece, Iceland, Ireland, and Portugal, Which Country Is Next?

First came Iceland, financially ruined by the nations banks, then Greece exposed by creative accounting, and hidden debts. Ireland soon followed after banking debts ruined the economy, then poor Portugal suffering a a conundrum of mini burst bubbles. Which country is next in line for an EU, IMF bailout?

Outsourcing: The Battle for Profits Over Jobs

As the economy slowly begins to crawl from beneath the wreckage of the 2008 financial crisis and following economic recession, the outsourcing of jobs from the U.S. to countries with a cheaper labour force raises issues with American workers. Cessna Aircraft Company is one of many companies in the U.S. that has run into these problems…

What Is the Effect Of A Trickle Up Economy?

In 2011, the wealth of the official top earners of many European countries,and the United States has increased, whilst the majority of people have seen their actual assets decrease in value. This may be the result of the ‘trickle-up’ economic effect, that some economists cite as a reality in much of the developed World.

Shades Of Gray At Berkshire Hathaway

When it comes to conduct that may be unethical or even illegal, there are many shades of gray. So it is with the conduct of David Sokol, who until two weeks ago was Warren Buffet’s most likely successor – if under “shades of gray” we include “black” and “white.”

What Happens When The Party’s Over? – The End of QE2 Creates A Real Dilemma

The Fed’s in a pickle. Keep up with QE2, QE3 or another stimulus by another name and risk runaway inflation. End it, and risk the collapse of the economy which very likely cannot stand on its own.

Alternative Income Options for Farm-Household Members Improve the Rural Economy of Bangladesh

Population growth and prices of essentials together have far exceeded agricultural production in Bangladesh. People in huge number have migrated from villages to towns for alternative income options. With members employed in non-farm activities, the farm households now can better manage agriculture production and contribute to rural economy.

The False Dichotomy

One of the logical fallacies that is becoming increasingly prevalent in the contemporary world is that of the false dichotomy. This is also referred to as the either-or fallacy, fallacy of false choice, black and white thinking or the fallacy of exhaustive hypotheses) is a type of logical fallacy that involves a situation in which only two alternatives are considered, when in fact there are additional options. Unfortunately, the false dichotomy has become a dangerous tool for pushing public policies that are not necessarily in the public interests by presenting them as the only alternative to prevent a catastrophic scenario.

3 Ways To Beat The Coming Economic Depression

These are about to be some pretty harsh words that I am about to say but they must be said. Listen up America, it’s time to grow up and start acting like adults. If you want to beat the coming economic depression then you must get responsible and take matters into your own hands.

Will You Be Able To Survive The Coming Economic Depression?

Millions of Americans believe that an economic depression is inevitable. However, most of them won’t be able to ride out the storm. They are simply not prepared.

How To Survive The Coming Economic Depression – A Few Things You Will Need

When it comes to surviving an economic depression, people automatically think of money, food and shelter. While all of those are very important, there are also other things that you will need if you truly want to survive the coming economic depression. The first thing is warm clothing.

More Schools, Less Value

General Motors has plants around the world, but it has only one CEO. The University System of Maryland, on the other hand, has 12 institutions and 12 presidents. When a General Motors plant becomes redundant, the CEO shuts it down. When a University of Maryland campus becomes redundant, the Legislature debates whether to ask the Board of Regents to conduct a study.

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