Do men belong in the pro-life movement?

FEMA Preparing: Orders 1 Billion in Food

I am sitting in an abandoned parking lot in Powway somewhere and I am headed up to Carlsbad to meet up with a good friend. As I sit here I have my friend Scott on the phone. Scott is in norther California and was just telling me he just ran into an interesting article from the Examiner.

Zero Zeros Everywhere, and Not a Life Saver in Sight

The first edition of War and Peace was 1,225 pages at nearly 1,000,000 words. Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables contains 513,000 words. The current edition of the Federal Budget for Fiscal Year 2012 is 2,403 pages. I’d try to count the word length, but I’m sure my computer would hemorrhage and die.

Keeping Perspective Through the Recession

As holistic business owners, we are very susceptible to economic downturns. In the midst of all the dire news about the economy, one campaign is helping us keep perspective.

Transactions and the Medium of Exchange

Understanding of basic economics is vital in today’s modern world. No matter which government we live under, politicians will have to make choices on how to spend tax revenue, who to give or not give subsidies too, and at times voters themselves may enact cost-regulations or laws against others via a simple majority vote. Knowing that production is a necessity of life, and that consumption can only arrive because of it will enable you to make rational decisions when faced with these situations.

The Boomers and Their Legacy

A look at the impact baby boomers have had on the global society, and America. As they near retirement, boomers are still making changes in the society.

Why Is Detroit So Down in the Dumps? Maybe It’s Time to Teach an Old Dog Some New Tricks!

The latest census information shows that the population of Detroit has decreased 25-percent over the last 10 years. The city lost some 237,500 people – a 25-percent drop – the largest drop in history for a city with a population over 100,000. The most surprising thing about that story is that the decrease wasn’t even steeper.

Recent Financial Collapse 240 Years In The Making

The real root cause of our banking problems can be traced all the way back to the birth of our nation, almost 240 years ago. It was a problem that the founding fathers warned us about and tried to prevent. Unfortunately for us, The founders were not successful.

Britain in the Post-Industrial Revolution 19th Century: Why British Industry Was Inefficient

By the 1870s, Britain’s economy was enviable in the view of the rest of the world, as they set the standard in economic progress several decades earlier at the onset of the Industrial Revolution in Europe. GDP per capita in Britain, for instance, exceeded that of the U.S. by one-third at the time. However, Britain’s preeminence was trumped by the commencement of WWI. To determine whether this change was due to inefficiencies in Britain’s industry requires recognition of the contrasts between Britain and the U.S. Although the U.S. economy improved vis-a-vis Britain, this was largely out of Britain’s control due to influential exogenous dynamics.

The Falling Dollar – Why Is The Dollar Being Devalued And Where Will This Lead Us?

The falling dollar is a major issue in the late 2010/early 2011 and will be for the next few years. In fact, what the dollar is experiencing now may become a huge story in the history of the United States of America. The reason for this is, many people no longer trust our government is doing what is best for this country. Instead, some are skeptical and believe these leaders have another agenda. What this agenda might be and why it is being implemented is discussed in this article.

Third World African Oil Producing Nations and Economic Development

It has often been said by economists and scholars that finding oil for a third world nation-state can be a curse as much as a blessing. On one hand there is good money flow which if properly used can help pay for infrastructure projects, things like roads, airports, dams, schools, sewer treatment plants, government buildings, health care facilities, and power generation plants. The money flow also helps provide jobs because someone has to build all those things.

The Achilles Heel: The End of the Monetary System?

Is it possible that the end of the monetary system is near? If it is, how exactly will the system come to its end? If you ask me, the foundation for the next crisis was long ago established. And it’s not going to wait long before it shows us its true nature.

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