Does Nancy Pelosi Have Insider Trading Knowledge?

Australia Amidst The Economic Dilemmas

With all the things that are happening in Australia, business visa holders are getting worried that the country’s economy might be affected. Thus, they are urging the Australian government to take action and come up with solutions to the country’s economic problems.

As Serious Painful Economic Storms Arise, Do We Have Any Leaders Willing To Ask God For His Help?

Timing is so very interesting and so vitally important. Our country, in fact the whole of western society, appears to be facing an economic and financial storm. As the days go by there is no way this can be avoided. For many it is going to be exceedingly painful. Appallingly bad management by government and financiers and bankers have landed millions in this outrageous debt and debt is always serious and dangerous and can drive many people onto the rocks. Calamity and catastrophe can result and can do so quite suddenly. Do we have any leaders who realise the precarious position the world is in? Do we have any leaders who are prepared to acknowledge their need and ask Almighty God for His help? Or, are we going to try and muddle through and cause hardship and pain and suffering to so many?

Australia’s Food Prices – You Must Be Joking

Australia has the fastest growing food prices in the world. For any country! We lead the race!

Economics – How It All Fits

Economics is the study of the way in which groups of people use resources to satisfy their wants. The problem is we usually have more wants than we have money to buy them. This gap between what people would like to have and what they are able to get…is the basic problem studied in economics.

Invest Where The Harvest And Rewards And Dividends Have Little To Do With Money!

One of my friends in Kisumu, Kenya, has just emailed me to tell me of his physical condition. He was out working and I know his work well and have been with him in the villages where he works and serves. Coming home earlier this week having to walk some 15 miles to the main road he was caught in one of Kenya’s downpours. He trekked on to the main road wet and cold and tired. Not long after he got home he was suffering from what he describes as cold or flu symptoms, and he did mention that it might be a touch of malaria. Trudging for fresh water some four or more miles a day along tracks that impassable when it has been really wet, is no fun. Then I see the rich travelling in comfort in Nairobi and hear at first hand of the ongoing corruption at so many levels of government. Might there be something you can do to help? Be involved in helping the poor. It is a most rewarding activity and the rewards have nothing to do with money.

Obama Presents a Critical Recovery Package for Americans

President Obama enacted the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to stimulate the economy and housing markets for Americans. His economic stimulus package is a positive move against the nation’s faltering market.

Inflation Killer

Not a single country in the world are not affected by the financial disease known as inflation. Moreover, if the country is still classified as developing countries. So what is inflation actually…According to Wikipedia, in economics, inflation is a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time.

Outlook on Inflation

There is a lot of talk about where inflation is heading in the next couple of years. At one end of the spectrum some are forecasting for a deflationary period which will see the US economy implode. Asset prices, wages and spending would all decrease. This would lead to an increase in unemployment. At the other end of the spectrum there are those forecasting inflation and as an extreme hyper-inflation.

‘Helicopter Ben’ Climbs Into The Cockpit

In about a week, “Helicopter Ben” Bernanke will launch a new assault in America’s war on thrift. The Federal Reserve is expected to begin carpet-bombing our bond markets with cheap cash, without first having defined either an objective or an exit strategy.

Government Does Not Create Wealth

In the United States, we’re a week away from some big changes… and the midterm congressional elections are only a part of what’s coming. It’s deja-vu all over again as the Democrat party, consumed by the ambitions of its most liberal elements, has overreached toward socialism in a way not seen since the first two years of the Clinton administration…

On Target on the Economy and Stocks

Understanding this market has been the most difficult in my 25+ years in the business, but I do see the future very clearly now. You see, our government, rather than allowing market forces to dictate our “supposed” capitalist and democratic economic system, is simply creating another bubble with its artificially low interest rates and continued stimulus, a.k.a. quantitative easing. This is exactly what they did in the Tech bubble, the housing bubble and the last crash of 2002, which generated a nice bull market for about 2 1/2 years before that bubble burst.

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