EXCLUSIVE: Here’s how Ukrainians are fleeing the intense fighting

Why Is the US Dollar Dying?

As a global currency wars come to head, and many speculators saying the economy is fine, is the US at major risk of devaluing? The recent sinking in US dollar, falling in value since late spring is startling a lot of the financial analysts. And is also scaring a lot of investors.

Why The Fed Are Creating An Inflation Nightmare?

When the latest austerity measure and actions from the fed the dollar is dying and there is now a 90% chance that inflation and 1929 like hyper inflationary conditions will soon set in. Is this the truth?

Homeowner Association

Your homeowner association(HOA) was created by the your neighborhood developer designed to manage your neighborhood. The association will eventually be under the ownership of the neighbors in your neighborhood once the developers have left the community.

The Basic Principles and Facts Behind Income Determination-Concept of Investment

Investment is the expenditure on physical assets which are not for immediate consumption but for the production of consumer and capital goods and services. Investment has two related meaning, it could mean the actual production of real capital in economic theory such as building of new factory, purchase of new vehicles, etc. And it could also mean in financial term, the deposit of money in bank, purchase of stock or government securities etc.

Elementary Theory of Income Determination – Concept of Savings

Savings encompasses all categories or level of people from individuals to corporate societies/organizations/companies and even to the government. A healthy habit of saving is essential for the development of a nation’s economy.

Elementary Theory of Income Determination – Cash Flow of Income

The total income of a country is a reflection of real capital investment in that particular country. The volume of investment is determined mainly by certain factors. These factors include expectation of entrepreneurs, rate of interest, savings, marginal efficiency of capital, and consumption.

Principles of Absolute Advantage, Terms of Trade and Export Promotion in International Trade

The principle of comparative cost advantages is not really a practical one in contemporary foreign trade, so therefore the need to have an absolute. Terms of trade and export promotion are very essential in making an international trade process very successful. How can these elements help?

Terms of Trade in Africa and Reasons for High Volume of Trade Between Africa and the West

So, it is now left for the government of the various African countries involved to tackle these issues because the remedy is a straight forward one. Reversing most of these problems will create a lasting solution.

International Trade – The Principle and Significance of Comparative (Cost) Advantages

The theory or principle of comparative cost advantage states that countries derive mutual benefit from trade when they specialize in the production of those commodities in which they have greatest comparative cost advantage over others and exchange them for other commodities which have comparative cost disadvantage. This principle was propounded by David Ricardo in the 19th century and can help a nation to utilize its resources and as well channel more effort in the production of the actual goods bringing income to it through export.

The Labor Market – Efficiency and Mobility of Labor

Efficiency of Labor is the ability of Labor to increase output without increasing the quantity of Labor. Increase in efficiency is usually expressed in terms of increase in output of Labor within a shorter period of time without any fall in the quality of goods and services produced. If labor is efficient, the quality of goods and services produced will be high.

The Labor Market – Factors Influencing Wages and Causes, Consequences and Solutions of Unemployment

There is no way you talk about the labor market without mentioning or thinking about two major pillars-Wages and employment. You cannot have a staff-structure when there are no resources to pay them and if such is the case, there would be no companies or industries. What about unemployment? Knowing its causes, consequences and solutions will go a long way in strategising job creation to boost the economy of an area/country. These are two essential facets of the labor market which cannot be over-emphasized.

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