Expert Breaks Down Why Everyone Is Leaving California

A Month Of Surprises

There has been a lot of news since the start of the year. On the economic front, most of it has been good.

Money Printing Is Not Inflationary

After 6 years of Quantitative Easing, a fancy name for money printing, the US has little inflation to show for its efforts. You see it in the stock market to be sure, and also in certain food prices, but amazingly, many goods and services are falling in value. Is this even possible?

Health Sector Logs Big Gains in 2014 – Four Predictions for 2015

2014 has concluded and it was very kind to the portfolios of Health and Life Science executives. During 2014 the Dow Jones U.S. Healthcare broad industry index returned 25% (second only to Utilities +26%). The companies featured here have done even better, returning on average +82% this year. Here is a recap of our featured stories and how those companies performed in 2014. I also provide four early predictions for 2015.

European Union QE Will Disappoint

It doesn’t matter if the ECB votes yes or no to QE, the EU is doomed either way. Many QE addicts are betting on an enormous QE package coming out of the EU. They’re recalling the effects of the US style QE and salivating at the chance to replay the dream again via the EU. They will lose a lot of money in the end, because they haven’t done their homework, nor do they realize the circumstances in the EU are vastly different than they were in the US, before it began its QE program.

Metarepresented Money

Money represents a future commodity ownership. However, the only way of keeping this ownership rightful, hence decentralized, is to price commodities in metarepresented money. Any otherwise priced future ownership will not remain rightfully decentralized. This article explains why, by deriving the concepts, first of generic money, then of privately concrete money, and finally of metarepresented money from direct commodity exchange.

We’re Number Three (And Four)

Census figures tell a story of one state on the way up, and one that doesn’t seem to know it’s on the way down. A life split between the two states means this is no surprise.

The Geopolitical Risks of $40 Oil

Oil is fast approaching $40 a barrel, and to most people, this is nothing more than good news at the pump, but most people don’t understand the devastating damage to nations and companies when oil is this cheap. $40 oil is not a tax break or a consumer boon, it’s a geopolitical event.

Gold Standard – In a Sound Bite

I have written many articles explaining and expounding on the Unadulterated Gold Standard, on how the world economy is doomed to collapse unless the ultimate extinguisher of debt… Gold… is re-introduced into the system. I have written about the technical aspects, the moral aspects, the historical aspects… yet people still resist, still don’t want to know. They hope that hope alone will keep them out of trouble… and at best, most want a quick and easy explanation of why we should bother with Gold; in effect, they ask for a sound bite.

The Unadulterated Gold Coin Standard

I have been pounding the table in favor of the Unadulterated Gold Standard for lo these many years… is it time for a tighter focus, is it time to start pounding the table for the Unadulterated Gold “Coin” standard? The Unadulterated Gold Standard is different from the Classical Gold Standard as practiced in the nineteenth century in that it excludes ‘Fiduciary media’… that is, bank notes in circulation backed by loose promises vs. bank notes backed by physical Gold in the vault, and by Gold Bills of Exchange that mature into Gold in less than 91 days in the portfolio.

Golden Utopia

I have written many articles about Gold, about the Unadulterated Gold Standard, about the components of a Gold based economy. Perhaps it’s time for a bit of a ‘reality check.’ Is the very idea of Gold money, the very idea of honest money in an honest society Utopian?

Has China’s Robust Economic Growth Come to an End? No, But There Is No New Beginning Either

Some people say they cannot believe China’s growth is slowing down, others cannot understand how it kept going at 10% year-over-year for nearly three decades and even with the Global Economic slowdown posted 7-8% growth. Well, consider this; maybe those numbers were inflated, after all the Chinese state-controlled media puts a positive spin on everything and our news simply repeats what they report. Sometimes you have to peak over the Great Wall to see the truth. I am just saying.

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