Exposing China’s Influence on America’s Film Industry

Manufacturing Is Not THE Answer to Increasing US Economic Competitiveness for Reducing the US Debt

There is an old an adage in the halls of the Pentagon that goes “Defense is always fighting the last war”. In other words, after a military engagement is finished DoD attempts to restructure itself so that its capabilities are more effective for the last engagement. This is an adage that is very true in the history of DoD and today many in DoD work very diligently to ensure that it is no longer true. In many ways when it comes to rebuilding America’s economic competitiveness, many have fallen prey to this time old adage. And as DoD has found on repeated occasions, fighting the last war can be very deadly for the military and the country.

Was The Bank Bailout Helpful For The Economy?

It has been 2 years and the Bank Bailout still issues controversies. How helpful it was for the economy, it’s hard to tell. Some people, as the members of the Tea Party movement, have harshly criticized it, whereas some found it necessary for the salvation of the economy. The crisis is not over yet and the consequences of the authorities’ actions are still unfolding under our eyes. History will tell, later on.

Hu is On First Base, No Hu is On The White House Lawn and The Score is Tied

Remember that funny comedian act; “Who is on first base?” Well, isn’t it interesting that Chairman Hu of China has now it a home run. That is to say that thanks to our billionaires going over to China and setting up shop, along with all the foreign investment dollars, they have now grown to the number two economy in the World – the United States of course being number one as always with nearly three times the size in GDP.

Egypt Had a Lot of Benefits as an Emerging Nation Economy – What Now?

Egypt has an awful lot going for it if it can find itself. You see, it has available labor, a great strategic location for trade, and a real opportunity to see inflows of foreign capital to build it up. However, it obviously has its challenges now.

Statism Of The Union II

As far as the observation that both have (or had) the ability to make great speeches, I’ll concede that Presidents Reagan and Obama are similar. But the similarities end there. In terms of real substance, Barack Obama definitely ain’t Ronald Reagan.

National Debt – Considering The Whopping Interest Payment

As odd as it sounds, the national debt can be described as a bit of a credit card like debt. As with credit cards, the real danger is the interest you end up paying over the years. With the national debt as it is now constructed, the interest payments we make each year are a crime.

Government Grants Offers Program For Everybody

As long as the applicants meet the eligibility criteria, there is no boundary place for the recipient of the award. Because there is no local marketing of these grants, you can seek out the grant list to know about various programs, which you can benefit to perform various goals.

Sound Money and Deflation

With the enormous leaps in industrial productivity over the 20th century, shouldn’t a penny now buy me at least 10 Snickers bars instead of nothing? Or how fiat money serves to prolong the life of capitalism while libertarians are ironically fighting to make capitalism disappear.

What’s the Bailout Plan All About?

Generally, the bailout plan was a sort of debt relief program that was pushed during the Bush administration. It was during a time wherein there was a great upheaval in the world of finance. After all, drastic circumstances require drastic steps to be taken to resolve it.

Return to Class Warfare

Considering all the negative attention that the global oligarchy has been getting recently, one interesting fact often left unmentioned is that the super rich are outnumbered 9,999 to 1. Let’s briefly define what we’re dealing with. When one really filters rich people overall, it’s evident that the number of decision makers is actually rather small.

Better Learn To Speak Chinese

Twenty years ago America’s Labor Unions sounded a Warning that if America did not change their unfair foreign trade policies, which gave foreign competitors an unfair advantage over American businesses, America would become a second class country and good paying industrial jobs would be as hard to find as hen’s teeth. The American Federal Government and Republican conservatives all but declared Unions and their membership to be Communist, at best Socialist.

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