Exposing Joe Biden’s Ties to China

Global Economic Collapse Is Coming Over the World

Are you one of those people who have lost their sleep thinking about the coming global economic collapse? Do you really want to know about this global economic collapse?

American Economy Collapse Report: Will Food Shortage Cause a New American Revolution?

Let’s hope it will not happen. But more and more people believe that revolutions and food shortage will spread to America.

The Decline Of The Local Shop

A lot can happen over 50 years; landscapes, families even our way of life can change dramatically over this amount of time, it is inevitable that nothing stays the same forever and nothing has changed quite like how we shop for our daily goods. Most of us will remember a time before Super Markets when we used our local stores to buy all of the things we needed; trips to the local Butchers, Bakers and Sweet Shop were a regular occurrence for all families, however this all started to change with the invention of the Super Market. It took…

How SEZs Are Changing Face of Indian Towns

SEZ or Special Economic Zones are area assigned by Indian Government for development of industries. The area is usually tax free and attracts lot of industries to that region, who come there to save taxes, till government’s policy allows them to.

A Destiny for New Vision

The Indian Railway Budget deals with strategically planned infrastructure expenditure on the railways, with the revenue and expenditure for the upcoming financial years. Indian Railway Budget usually aims at the public elements, the induction and improvement of existing trains and routes, investment in new and existing infrastructure elements, and the tariff for freight and passenger travel.

Call For More Migrants Due to Growth In Australian Economy

Globalisation has been a term which has been incorporated by every nation in its policies and programmes. The development which it brings along with it can be cited as a reason for its popularity.

Economic Growth: Only Solution to Job Scarcity

Excessive greed is the mother of all the devastation; indeed, directly from the horse’s mouth. What was that economic downturn; couple of years back in America, all about? Just because of the recession initiated by America, followed by Japan, Europe and rest of the globe.

Cyprus – The Economy Calls for Immediate Action!

As expected, the Cyprus sovereign rating has been downgraded by Standard & Poor’s to “A” with a negative outlook… Cyprus is a reputable regional and rather unique financial hub, due to its strong and applicable legislation and sound regulatory system, Eurozone membership (since 2008), the lowest corporate tax within the European Union (10%) and double-tax-treaty agreements with 46 countries, sound historical fiscal performance, relatively low public debt, higher GDP per Capita (>98% of the EU average), relatively low unemployment level under the global market circumstances (expected to be around 7% by the end of the year) and a well positioned quality tourist destination.

Where Your Future Lies: Union Budget 2011-2012

This article throws light on the expectation of Budget 2011-2012 in the country which has been already started on 28th February 2011 chaired by Finance Minister of the country. Before getting into the highlights, one should know what is a budget. A systematized planning of expenditure for a given time frame is called ‘Budget’ and Union Budget is a revelation of extensive government’s finances.

White House Releases Yet Another Stimulus Package

All of us know the American economy is struggling. To help improve the present situation, President Obama has announced many stimulus packages so far. Here is the latest one.

Fuel Prices Could Hinder Trucking Industry Growth

This article discusses the effect of rising fuel costs on the trucking industry. It looks at how the high fuel costs cause a ripple effect within the greater economy and how other factors contribute to the slow recovery of the trucking industry.

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